Beginner’s Guide to Inline/Rollerblading

Getting Started:

Buy Skates:

First things first: you need skates. Click here (or see below) for the guide to local retailers that can meet your need for recreational inline skates, aggressive skates, or speed skates. You not only need skates, but you need skates that fit correctly. Skates that are the wrong size will make you wobbly and will lead to blisters. Rollerblades should fit a bit like your hiking boots: snug in the heel and ankle, but with room in the toe box to wiggle your toes.

Speed skates might look neat, but if you are completely new to skating you don’t want to start with them. You need to start with a skate that covers your ankle. This will allow you to develop the strength in your lower legs and ankles to support your body weight. I raced for years on Rollerblade Carbon Marathons and even finished first in them. You don’t need speed skates to go fast.

In addition to your skates you also need a helmet and wrist guards or sliders. Beginners may also elect to wear knee pads and elbow pads depending on your general balance level and skating history. One guy even wears shoulder pads.

How to Skate – the Basics:

So now you have your skates. You just opened up the box, unwrapped your new skates, and smelled the fresh urethane wheels. You have checked to make sure the frame bolts are snug, and the wheels are tightly secured to the frame. You lace them up for the first time and they fit like a glove. You stand up tentatively and wobble a bit, but can balance well enough. So now what do you do?

Stand in your living room with your feet shoulder width apart. Bend your knees so that when you look at yourself in a mirror, from the side, your knee forms a 90 degree angle as if you were sitting in a chair. Your upper body should be leaning slightly forward and you should feel as though you are on top of your wheels. Your arches should not be caving in (pronating) nor should you feel as though your feet are falling out to the side (supinating). You should feel steady and be comfortable holding this position.

Now push to one side through the heel and glide on the other leg. Then gently but steadily swing the leg you just pushed off of back underneath you and push with the other leg. Repeat.

Where to Skate?


Your first skating experience should be on flat, even pavement that is free of debris and free of obstacles (like cars, cyclists, pets, or anything else that could cause you to fall). Do not start on hills. You don’t learn to drive on the expressway, you learn to drive in a parking lot or on a quiet street, and the same is true in skating.

  • Parking lots: Large parking lots can be a great place to start. Many businesses, particularly industrial parks, are deserted on the weekends and can serve as a perfect training ground for initial skates.
  • School playgrounds: They are also likely deserted on weekends and at night. Many have flat paved basketball courts or play areas that are suitable for inline practice.
  • Roseville Oval: From 9 AM to 8 PM skaters have access to a 400 meter Olympic track – for FREE. The track will be free of cars, but there is a skateboard park in the center of the track, which can occasionally present a hazard.

Work on starting and stopping. Learning to stop on rollerblades, or inline skates as the are called by those in the know, can be challenging. Recreational skates typically have a brake that requires you to put your weight on your heel and lean back. It helps to bend the opposite knee while doing this.

It takes a bit of time to break in a pair of skates and get your body used to the stresses and strains of skating. It is important to start with half hour skating sessions, then work up to hour long sessions. As you improve you won’t be thinking in terms of half hours or hours, but half marathons and marathons. But, do not rush to go long distances or you will suffer the wrath of sore muscles.

Falling is a part of learning and not a sign of failure. You should be wearing enough protective gear and traveling at a low enough speed that the risk of serious injury should be mitigated.


Once you have the basics and can stop quickly when you need to, it is time to try trail skating. Trail skating can be invigorating. You can skate through a paved wooded trail, or skate through a trail right through downtown Minneapolis. You will share the trail with cyclists, dog walkers, children, animals, and pretty much anything else you can think of just might cross your path.

Before you hit the trail it is important to know the rules of the road.

  • Let someone know – make sure someone knows what trail you were headed for and what tempo you planned to maintain.
  • Keep to the right – The rules of the highway still apply on the trail. Slower traffic to the right, pass on the left.
  • On your left – let others know you are coming. If you are approaching children do not expect them to understand.
  • Be Predictable – stay in your lane. Look before changing course.
  • Don’t block the trail – How many times do we see bikers stopped having a chat in the middle of the trail? Move it to the shoulder.
  • Be Courteous - the first person to come upon your wrecked carcass will either be the guy you yelled at for getting in your way or the guy you politely warned of your approach and greeted/thanked as you passed. It is your choice.
  • Stay off private property – someone worked hard for that land and they probably are not to pleased a tyrannical government plowed a trail right through their backyard without their consent.
  • Do not litter – put it in your pocket and throw it away when you get a chance.
  • Stop at intersections – just because an intersection usually doesn’t have traffic doesn’t mean a Ford F-250 won’t be passing this time.

The key to an enjoyable trail experience is picking a trail that fits your skill level. Some trails are flat and go great distances without requiring stopping. Others are hilly, some require frequent stops and sharp turns. The more technical the trail the more skilled you need to be.

Easier Trails:

  • Midtown Greenway: many segments of the Minneapolis Midtown Greenway are level and usually free of debris, but watch for road crossings and note that the trail does not always have the right-of-way.

More Challenging Trails:

  • Riverparkways both East and West: the trails are curvy with occasional changes in elevation and are fairly heavily trafficked and narrow. Skaters will need to be able to navigate cracks in the trail, debris that falls off of overhanging trees, and dogs on long leaches.
  • Gateway Trail: What makes the Gateway trail more challenging is that the majority of the trial has overhanging trees that routinely drop debris. This trail takes quite awhile to dry out after rain. Generally, the trail is flat with gentle hills, but has the occasional road crossing.

Difficult Trails:

  • Elm Creek Trail System: this is perhaps the most difficult trail routinely skated by inliners in the metro. The course is known for repetitive and challenging hills, as well as wooden bridges that are dangerous when taken too quickly. There are segments that are suitable for beginners, but generally you should save this park for your more experienced days.

Getting the Hang of It?

If you have progressed through the trail systems and are enjoying your skating experience, the next step is to get faster and skate longer distances. Getting faster takes practice, it takes time on your skates, time in the gym, and less time on the couch or in the kitchen. But you don’t need to be a superstar to skate in an inline event or join a group skate.

Organized group skates typically consist of about a dozen skaters who arrive at a predetermined location and skate together. Learning to skate in close proximity to other skates in a paceline is just another skill a skater learns as they develop. Click here for more information on group skates for all skill levels.

Inline skating events range from a few hundred meters, to 10k’s, to half marathons and marathons, to ultra-marathons.


2018 Minnesota Inline Grand Prix Events

June 16th (Saturday) Apostle Island Inline Marathon Madeline Island, WI

June 23rd (Saturday) Roll for the Roses 10k Roseville, MN

July 22nd (Saturday) Chicagoland Inline Marathon Hoffman Estates, IL

August 4th (Saturday) Minnesota Half Marathon St. Paul, MN

August 25th (Saturday) Rollin’ On The River Grand Forks, ND

September 15 (Saturday) NorthShore Inline Marathon Duluth MN

Other Notable Events

June 22-24 (Friday – Sunday) Skate of the Union Washington, D.C.

July 14th (Saturday)  Cannon Valley Trail Skate, Red Wing

July ___  (Sunday) Marathon de Laval Inline Marathon (previously Blainville Roller) Montreal, QC

Cancelled Napa Valley Inline Marathon Napa, CA

August 11th (Saturday) Andy Kostka/Daryl Dahl Memorial Skate, Elm Creek

September ___  (Saturday – Sunday) 24 Hour Inline Montreal QC

September 22nd  (Saturday) NYC Inline Marathon Prospect Park, NY

October 8th (Sunday) Athens to Atlanta

October 21st (Sunday) Saguaro Sunrise Inline Marathon, Oro Valley, AZ

November 11th (Sunday) Silver Strand Inline Marathon San Diego, CA

Where to Buy Rollerblades?

Where can I buy Rollerblades in the Twin Cities? Where can I buy inline skates in the Twin Cities?

An internet search of where to buy skates in the Twin Cities produced the following search hit:

Where can I buy fresh octopus in the twin cities? – Replyz

It seems new skaters in the Twin Cities could use a bit more guidance on how to get started.

The following is an alphabetical attempt to list and briefly describe the metro locations at which one can purchase inline skates (aggressive, fitness, recreational, speed). Please let me know if I have neglected to include any locations or if something new needs to be added over time.

Once you have your skates here are some great ways to put them to use:

Abo’s Skate Shop

  • Abo’s Skate Shop has specialized in BONT Custom Skates since 1999. After 12 years in Duluth, Abo’s is now in the NW Twin Cities suburb of Andover and provides unmatched expertise in foot molding for custom skates; skate packages, and components from all top manufacturers. Abo’s expert skate service includes; bearing cleaning, skate fitting-set-up, heat molding, and wheel rotation. Abo’s also has your training and racing “fuel” covered with products from Hammer Nutrition. For additional information or to schedule a free equipment assessment or consultation please Call Rick at 218-260-7670 or email Long Boards too!

Adams Inline

  • Adams Inline sells elite level speed skating equipment. Speed skating boots, as compared to traditional “Rollerblades,” have a significantly lower cut boot (often below the ankle). These skates are design for speed – not comfort or balance and are not recommended for beginners. Adams also carries a large line of elite level wheels, bearings, protective gear, and related skating equipment. Adams Inline has both an online and physical location. The shop is located in Minneapolis and is owned and operated by Adam Bradley. Adams Inline is also active in the inline community as a sponsor of many inline events, and a successful national inline racing and product testing team.

Dave’s Sports Shop

  • Dave’s is (quite literally) the sports store of our childhood. It carries all the athletic gear you could possibly desire, but still feels like a small town Mom & Pop shop. With internet sales and brick and mortar locations in Fridley, Blaine, and Stillwater, Dave’s serves much of the metro community with a surprisingly diverse array of athletic equipment, including inline skating, inline hockey, hockey, and figure skating gear. Dave’s offers inline skates made from a traditional hockey boot from top brands like Bauer, CCM, and Mission. In addition, Dave’s retails a wide array of fitness/recreational K2 (yes the same K2 that makes skis), and Rollerblade brand skates for all ages. Dave’s also carries wheels, bearings, brakes, protective gear, and inline hockey gear.

Hockey Giant Superstore

  • Located next to REI Bloomington, Hockey Giant is, as the name implies, a giant warehouse of all things hockey – including inline hockey. They feature hockey and recreational style inline skates for all ages and retail Roller Derby Brand (both traditional inline and quad wheel), Reebok, Mission, Bauer, Alkali, Tour, and Easton. See also nearby Westwood Sports for hockey equipment.


  • Hoigaards offers fitness/recreational skates (K2 / Rollerblade brands), and kids inline skates as well as supporting protective equipment. Fitness skates are slightly “racier” than recreational skates. They are designed to go faster and be more maneuverable and are a good skate for a beginner who may turn racer. Hoigaards is active in the community and also sponsors a successful local inline skate team.

Pierce Skate & Ski

  • Pierce is a winter lovers dream with skate and ski equipment for all types of skiing and skating. Pierce has been named “U.S. Ski Retailer of the Year Award Winner” from 1995-2012 and is recognized as a world wide leader in the sales and service of:
    • inline skates (fitness/recreational/speed/elite)
    • hockey skates (Bauer, Easton, CCM, all other leading brands)
    • figure skates (Riedell boots/ Eclipse blades, SP-Teri boots, Paramount blades U.S.A. and Jackson/Ultima/Gam skates/blades & Tournament Sports Canada, MK and John Wilson Blades (HD Sports) Sheffield, England both in new and used product)
    • ice speed skates (Maple Skate (NED), Zandstra Sport (NED), Bont Skates (AUS), Louis Garneau (CAN))
    • skate skis (Rossignol, and all other top brands)
  • Pierce retails inline skates & accessories offered from recreational to race/elite from ALL brands currently offered on the world wide market – in stock year around. They do not sell equipment from their website, so you will have to head to Bloomington; where you will find an experienced, well known, and knowledgeable staff that maintains PSA Rated Figure Skate Coach’s, Gold Test Figure Skaters, Inline Master’s racers, and U.S. Speedskating Level 1+ rated coaches. Pierce has been family owned and operated since 1936 (now Bart Pierce – third generation), and played an instrumental role in the history of inline skating (click here for the historic photos and story). Pierce is also an active member of the inline community, and sponsors both inline events and a region inline skating club.

    (Pierce provided additional information to supplement my initial description – other retailers are invited to do the same).

Pinewski Ski & Board Shop

  • Pinewski, in Anoka, features aggressive skates (multiple brands), fitness/recreational skates (K2 / Rollerblade), and wheels, bearings, and protective gear.

Play it Again Sports

  • With locations throughout the Twin Cities, Play it Again may be an affordable and low risk way to try out used inline skating or “Rollerblading.” Play it Again also carries low-end wheels and some nice highly affordable bearings. Play it Again locations are likely to have only fitness/recreation level skates and variable sizes.


  • Rollerbob is the rare retailer that can provide you the opportunity to try before you buy. During the winter Rollerbob is a staple (and sponsor) of the Rollerdome community and has a booth set up on the lower level nearly every night. Rollerbob features Rollerblade brand’s entry level, easy to use, easy to learn products. He is accessible, knowledgeable, and experienced. When he is not at the Rollerdome, his website features wheel and bearing packages.

Sports Authority

  • The big box style retailer hawks predominately entry level Rollerblade and K2 brand skating gear both in store and online.

Strauss Skates & Bicycles

  • Located just south of Highway 36 in Maplewood (very near the Hadley access point to the Gateway Trail), Strauss offers skating equipment of all types (figure skating, hockey, inline, and quad skating). They feature not only the ubiquitous Rollerblade brand, but also Reidell brand quad skates (Roller Derby style). Additionally, Strauss carries kids’ Rollerblades, including the adjustable variety that can grow with your child. Strauss has been an independently owned, brick and mortar establishment since 1887 – clearly they are doing something right.

Shop owners/operators let me know if you wish to supplement my brief description.
Skaters let me know if I neglected to include your favorite skate shop, and I will update the list.

Additional Inline Links:
Organized Group Skates
Minnesota Inline Grand Prix
Photo Galleries from Inline Events

Inline Photo Gallery

Note: these galleries are always available from the Photo Gallery tab on the homepage.

Check out pictures taken from various races, events and more on this page.


American Cup, 12.3.2016

The American Cup made its annual stop in Roseville on December 2-4 with the state and the nations top skaters competing in mild temps, modest winds, and on nice ice.

146 Photos

NSIM 9.17.2016

Saturday's running of the North Shore Inline Marathon was met with misty and drippy weather, but was not a wash out. At the front, an elite pack of ten skaters pulled away from the field, but at a much slower pace than usual. The big pack made for a close finish, and it took awhile to sort out the results. Eventually Justin Stelly was declared the victor as three skaters cross the line with the same time.

169 Photos

Kostka/Dahl Memorial Skate 8.13.16

Skaters gathered at Elm Creek on the morning of Saturday, August 13, 2016 to skate, eat, and honor the memory of our departed friends Andy Kostka, and Daryl Dahl who were taken from us far too soon. They are gone, but not forgotten.

13 Photos

MN Half Marathon 8.6.16

Saturday, August 6th along the river in downtown St. Paul.

132 Photos

Trail Photos 2016

Photos from various trails throughout the four seasons.

26 Photos

Chicago 7.24.16

A few photos from the awards ceremony from the Chicagoland Inline Marathon on a very hot and humid July Saturday morning.

9 Photos

Taj Ma Ziggy Tour

U.S. Bank Stadium Tour photos showing that Billion Dollars might buy a football stadium, but it doesn't buy a roller rink.

15 Photos

Roll 4 The Roses 6.25.16

The Saturday morning of June 25, 2016 was a warm, humid, and windy day that saw Dunfee, Hendrickson, and Larson claim the podium positions.

112 Photos

Apostle Island 6.18.16

Weather finally cooperated on Madeline Island for the Apostle Island Inline Marathon.

81 Photos

Loppet 25k 2.5.16

On the frozen tundra of Lake Calhoun dozens of skaters braved the cold to skate 25k.

107 Photos


3rd Andy Kostka  / 1st Daryl Dahl Memorial Skate

On a brisk but beautiful autumn morning skaters gathered at Elm Creek, Andy Kostka's favorite training ground, for the 3rd Annual Andy Kostka Memorial Skate / 1st Annual Daryl Dahl Memorial Skate. Turnout was great, the food after was good, the time with friends was irreplaceable.

27 Photos

Daryl Dahl's Passing

Daryl Dahl passed away on June 19th, 2015 from ALS. He was a great skater, biker, photographer, and friend to many.

12 Photos

NSIM 9.19.15

Bart Swings missed the course record by a minute and a half on a beautiful September morning along the shores of Lake Superior.

247 Photos

Minnesota Half Marathon 8.1.15

Dunfee and Parker win comfortably on a beautifully sunny morning along the river in downtown St. Paul.

191 Photos

Roll for the Roses 6.27.15

70 skaters started a sunny Saturday morning in Roseville with a quick 10k. Dunfee was once again the quickest of them all.

163 Photos

Apostle Island Inline Marathon, 6.21.15

Rainy conditions didn't deter the majority of skaters on Saturday, June 21, 2015. The show must go on.

49 Photos

2010 Apostle Island Inline Marathon

Recently rediscovered photos from the 2010 running of the Apostle Island Inline Marathon. Danny Frederick pulled away in the final mile closely followed by Hernan Diaz, Andy Kostka, Thong Nguyen, Andy Uttke, Gary Johnson, Tom Peterson, and Matt Meyer. A couple of the photos are from the 2010 Baxter Marathon.

20 Photos

Age Class Nationals 2.7.15

Skaters of all ages gathered for the mass start championships on a pleasant February Saturday morning.

61 Photos

Trail Photos 2015

Photos from the trail - the title of the gallery is really pretty self-explanatory.

17 Photos


AM Cup Roseville 12.7.14

The American Cup stopped in Roseville on the weekend of December 7th and 8th. Skaters enjoyed good weather and nice ice.

78 Photos

NSIM 2014

September 13, 2014 Two Harbors to Duluth. It was an amazing weekend, a great race, and a fantastic experience. From dinner the night before the race, to last minute equipment issues, to post race festivities, it was a weekend that will not be forgotten.

151 Photos

Cheri Uelmen

Collection of photos of the recently departed Cheri Uelmen - a fine skater, but better person.

3 Photos

Kostka Memorial Skate 8.24.14

Twenty skaters gathered at Andy Kostka's favorite trail for the second annual memorial skate. It was only the third time I have been to Elm Creek without Andy.

8 Photos

Minnesota Half 2014

The morning of August 2nd, a few hundred skaters and many more runners took to Shepard Ave in St. Paul. Kelin Dunfee would get his first win in dominant fashion.

152 Photos

Roll For Roses 2014

The end of June brought unseasonably cool weather for an early morning skate through Roseville. Dyrud would pass Marfori in the final few hundred meters to win.

97 Photos

2009 Metrodome Inline Marathon

Photos from the 2009 Metrodome Inline Marathon. Photos are from both the team time trial and the individual marathon

80 Photos

Mantia Camp

Inline and Ice World Cup Champion and Olympian Joey Mantia leads a training camp in Roseville on June 7th, 2014.

55 Photos

Capitol Bike Race 6.1.14

Melissa Dahlmann returned to bike racing with an impressive podium finish on the steps of the Minnesota Capitol on June 1st, 2014.

61 Photos

Trail Photos '14

Here is a collection of photos from the trail in 2014. Feel free to send your best shots in to add to the gallery.

31 Photos

Metrodome Turns to Rubble

Throughout January, February, and March 2014 the Metrodome was slowly reduced to rubble at tremendous expense to taxpayers.

10 Photos

National Mass Start Championships 2.22.14

February 22nd and 23rd Roseville hosted the U.S. National Mass Start Championships. Pony's, Midgets, Juniors, and Masters battled for 2014 supremacy.

99 Photos

Red Bull Crashed Ice Qualifying 1.26.14

Chris Lomen attempted to qualify for the Red Bull Crashed Ice Event.

31 Photos

AM Cup Blaine Short Track 1.25.14

The Cup Short Track series came to the Blaine Schwan Super Rink on January 25-26, 2014. Skaters competed in 500m and 1500m events on Saturday and 1000m and 3000m events on Sunday.

143 Photos


December 14, 2013 Ice/50 miler

The day started on the Roseville Ice for the John Rose Open - Mass Start Championships. The ice was followed by the annual/final Metrodome 50 miler.

117 Photos

Am Cup Roseville 12.7-8.13

The American Cup on December 7-8, 2013 at the Roseville Oval.

13 Photos

Grand Forks Photos 8.24.13

On Saturday, August 24 skaters did their best to navigate the unmarked and unstaffed forks in the road to find the finish line. Diaz knew the course best and made the correct turn to win.

25 Photos

Minnesota Inline Half Marathon 8.3.13

On the morning of August 3rd runners and skaters filled Shepard Road along the river in St. Paul. In a repeat of last season Sarmiento and Peterson took top honors.

161 Photos

Chicagoland Inline Marathon 7.21/7.22.13

Photos by Barby Schulte from the Chicagoland Inline Marathon held on the AT&T campus in Hoffman Estates. David Sarmiento won w/ a time of 1:06.

6 Photos

Apostle Islands Inline Marathon 6.15.13

The soggy early morning hours of June 15th gave way to a fairly dry track at race time. A large lead pack set a stiff pace before sprinting to the finish. The ladies race was one of the closest finishes in recent memory.

190 Photos

Trail Photos 2013

Collection of photos from the summer of 2013 trail skates, group skates, and other various inline activities.

27 Photos

Metrodome Marathon 2013

Saturday, March 9th may have been the final Metrodome Inline Marathon and it was certainly the fastest. Paul Dyrud broke the individual marathon record by 12 seconds. David, the Petersons, Ron, and Andy then shattered the team record.

108 Photos

US JR Championship

The first weekend in February was the U.S. Junior Championships at the Roseville Oval.

92 Photos

American Cup Roseville 1.19.13

On January 19-20th, the Roseville Oval hosted the American Cup & Junior World Championships.

145 Photos


Mass Start Championships

December 8th and 9th provided two very different days of racing at the Oval. Saturday was a picturesque day with a clear blue sky and the sunshine shimmering off the freshly Zambonied ice. Sunday, on the other hand, brought over a foot of snow - but the show (and the shoveling) must go on.

90 Photos

Andy Kostka In Memoriam

On the morning of November 17th, our Twin Cities inline community tragically and shockingly lost a true competitor, talented businessman, and dedicated family man. Thirty-two year old Andy Kostka passed in his sleep at his home. Our thoughts and prayers are with Andy Kostka's wife Betsy and his young daughter.

42 Photos

American Cup 11/2-11/4/2012

Friday through Sunday in Milwaukee featured the likes of Shani Davis, Heather Richardson, Tucker Fredricks, Maria Lamb, Joey Mantia, Briana Kramer, and many Minnesota inline and ice skaters who battled it out in the American Cup ice speed-skating competition at the Pettit Center. Several course records were flirted with and several more were broken.

170 Photos

A2A 2012

October 14, 2012 photos from Athens and then from Atlanta and a contingent of Minnesota skaters make the trek.

20 Photos

2012 Trail Photos

2012 Trail photos from the Greenway, the Gateway and a few places in between.

14 Photos

Kostka Lyons Race

Photos from Andy Kostka's 2012 trip to France.

23 Photos

Grand Forks & Winnipeg 8.25.12/8.26.12

It was a busy race weekend in late August as skaters first made the rounds through Grand Forks and then skated a few laps around Bird Hill Provincial Park in Winnipeg.

111 Photos

MN Half Marathon, 8.4.12

August 4, 2012 Minnesota Inline Half Marathon on Shepard Road in St. Paul, MN. David Sarmiento and Kara Peterson, both of Adam's Test Team, skate to victory.

67 Photos

Chicagoland Inline Tour Day 2 - Marathon, 7.22.12

July 21-22, 2012 Chicagoland Inline Tour & Marathon, held at the AT&T Campus in Hoffman Estates. Sunday was the Full Marathon

81 Photos

Chicagoland Inline Tour & Marathon July 21, 2012

July 21-22, 2012 Chicagoland Inline Tour & Marathon, held at the AT&T Campus in Hoffman Estates. Saturday events included the Two-Mile Time Trial and a 10k Circuit Event. Sunday was the Full Marathon

41 Photos

Roll 4 Roses, 6.23.12

Approximately 70 skaters participated in the Roll for the Roses 10K Race on June 23rd, 2012 in Roseville, Minnesota.

48 Photos

Apostle Islands Marathon, 6.16.12

Approximately 300 skaters participated in the 3rd Annual Apostle Island Inline Marathon which took place on June 16th, 2012 on Madeline Island in Wisconsin.

107 Photos

Baxter Inline Marathon, 6.9.12

Approximately 150 skaters participated in the Baxter Inline Marathon in Baxter, MN on June 9th, 2012.

135 Photos

Grand Old Day Race, 6.3.12

A good turnout and fine weather, along with a fight to the finish, marked the 2012 Grand Old Days 8K Race on June 3rd.

30 Photos

Metrodome Marathon 3/17/12

St. Patrick's Day Dome Marathon. Marfori and Uttke blistered the track record. Adams won again . . .

21 Photos

Red Bull Crashed Ice

January 13th and 14th outside the Basilica brave skaters plunged off ledges, careened about hairpin turns and tried to survive the 30+mph trip down the course.

21 Photos



10/9/11 A2A photo gallery

15 Photos

NSIM 2011 photo gallery

September 17, 2011 Two Harbors to Duluth. Photos from the finish line for the Elite Division & Awards for all.

56 Photos

North of the 49th 8/28/2011

8/28/2011 Birds Hill Provincial Park, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

57 Photos

St. Michael Half Marathon 8/13/2011

Images from the August 13, 2011 St. Michael Half Marathon. Matt Meyer got the victory as the morning rain dried throughout the race.

57 Photos

St. Paul Half Marathon 8/6/11

August 6, 2011 on Shepard Road the Minnesota Half Marathon was won by David Sarmiento and his big toe in a close battle with Rob Bell.

89 Photos

Spider's 50th Birthday Skate

Dan Thomson (A/K/A Spider) celebrated his 50th Birthday by skating 50 miles from Minneapolis to St. Paul and back - with the help of a large group of friends.

11 Photos

Chicagoland Inline Tour & Marathon, 7.23 - 7.24.11

Over 500 skaters participated in the U.S.' 2nd largest race - the Chicagoland Inline Tour & Marathon events July 23rd - July 24th, 2011 outside Chicago in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

81 Photos

Roll for the Roses 10K, 6.25.11

Over 60 skaters participated in the Roll for the Roses 10K Race on June 25th, 2011 in Roseville, Minnesota.

18 Photos

Apostle Islands Inline Marathon, 6.18.11

Approximately 400 skaters participated in the 2nd Annual Apostle Island Inline Marathon which took place on June 18th, 2011 on Madeline Island in Wisconsin.

77 Photos

Baxter Inline Marathon, 6.11.11

150 inline and quad skaters participated in the Baxter Inline Marathon in Baxter, MN on June 11th, 2011.

74 Photos

Grand Old Day Race, 6.5.11

Over 80 skaters participated in the Grand Old Day 8K Race on June 5th, 2011 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

35 Photos