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NSIM 9.14.19

214 Photos

Rollin' On The River 8.24.19

Dunfee and Dahlmann win in North Dakota.

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MN Half 8.3.2019

188 Photos

Chicagoland 7.21.19

Meisinger wins on his home turf.

18 Photos

Roll For The Roses 6.29.19

Dunfee and Dahlmann win on a humid and sunny summer Saturday morning in Roseville.

127 Photos


AM Cup 12.18

The combined AM CUP and John Rose Open brought skaters of all skill levels from around the country and Canada to Roseville. Skaters enjoyed cool temps with little to no wind throughout the weekend.

407 Photos

GMSA Racing 12.1.18

The first significant snowfall of the season hit just before skaters were to take the ice. The snow was intense for an hour or so before letting up a bit.

29 Photos

NSIM 9.15.18

The 2018 version of the NSIM traversed 26.0 miles from Duluth to Two Harbors. The course record was broken, but the payout wasn't made because road construction shortened the course by 0.2 miles.

153 Photos

Kostka/Dahl Memorial Skate 2018

Saturday, August 11th, 2018 Skaters gathered at Elm Creek to honor the memory of Andy Kostka and Daryl Dahl. This was the sixth annual Kostka Memorial Skate, and third annual Dahl Memorial Skate. Skaters stopped at both Andy and Daryl's benches and posted for photos before sharing a meal at Clive's.

43 Photos

MN Half 8.4.18

Rain held off until after the end, but a puddle from the previous nights rain took down Kelin Dunfee. In the final miles Dunfee closed the gap on the leaders and skated away from them for the win. Sarah Rehklau beat Melissa Dahlmann in the women's event.

93 Photos

Roll For The Roses 6.23.18

A small field of skaters had ideal weather conditions for the skate through the city of Roseville. Kelin took off leaving Danny, Elias, and the rest of the field in his wake.

111 Photos

Apostle Islands 6.16.18

Adam's Inline skaters dominate on Madeline Island.

200 Photos

Loppet 2018

Third Annual Loppet Ice Speedskating event on Lake Calhoun. Thank you to Mary Bos, Jeff Terwilliger and Brian Wray for taking photos.

33 Photos

Trail Photos 2018

Photos from four seasons on the trail in 2018.

8 Photos


AM Cup 1, 12/1-12/3

Skaters enjoyed balmy 40+ degree weather for three days of racing at the Roseville Oval.

19 Photos

NSIM 9.16.2017

Guzman edges Stelly in the rain in Duluth.

117 Photos

Kostka / Dahl Memorial Skate 8.12.17

The Fifth Annual Andy Kostka and Third Annual Daryl Dahl Memorial Skate occurred August 12, 2017 in Elm Creek. They are gone but not forgotten.

26 Photos

Sarah Gutknecht

A collection of Sarah Gutknecht photos. Sarah was a longtime inline skater and had been a member of the Midwest Skate Club, Media Machine, and Max Muscle. She was a dominant age group skater that had frequently been found on podiums with a large smile. She established a reputation as a friendly, outgoing, and approachable skater. She will be missed by patients, family, friends, and skaters.

14 Photos

Trail Photos 2017

Photos from the trail throughout 2017.

31 Photos

MN Half 8.5.17

Kelin Dufee posted a 32 minute half marathon and Kara Parker led the ladies across the line along the river in Saint Paul.

153 Photos

Summer Inline Series

A collection of photos from the Wednesday night Summer Inline Series at the oval. Thank you to Mary Bos for many of the photos.

22 Photos

Roll For The Roses 6.24.17

Twigs and Dahlmann won the roses on a brisk, but sunny Saturday morning.

94 Photos

Apostle Island 6.17.17

Steve Meisinger picked up a big win on Madeline Island in the first race of the season. Kara Parker won a close ladies event.

202 Photos

Loppet Speedskating 2.3.17/2.4.17

Friday's 25k enjoyed brilliant sunshine with cool temps. Saturday's weather was overcast and blustery. Harker repeated as 25k Champion. Dunfee moved up from second last year to first this season, and Melissa Dahlmann was the women's winner and finished second overall.

123 Photos


American Cup, 12.3.2016

The American Cup made its annual stop in Roseville on December 2-4 with the state and the nations top skaters competing in mild temps, modest winds, and on nice ice.

146 Photos

NSIM 9.17.2016

Saturday's running of the North Shore Inline Marathon was met with misty and drippy weather, but was not a wash out. At the front, an elite pack of ten skaters pulled away from the field, but at a much slower pace than usual. The big pack made for a close finish, and it took awhile to sort out the results. Eventually Justin Stelly was declared the victor as three skaters cross the line with the same time.

169 Photos

Kostka/Dahl Memorial Skate 8.13.16

Skaters gathered at Elm Creek on the morning of Saturday, August 13, 2016 to skate, eat, and honor the memory of our departed friends Andy Kostka, and Daryl Dahl who were taken from us far too soon. They are gone, but not forgotten.

13 Photos

MN Half Marathon 8.6.16

Saturday, August 6th along the river in downtown St. Paul.

132 Photos

Trail Photos 2016

Photos from various trails throughout the four seasons.

26 Photos

Chicago 7.24.16

A few photos from the awards ceremony from the Chicagoland Inline Marathon on a very hot and humid July Saturday morning.

9 Photos

Taj Ma Ziggy Tour

U.S. Bank Stadium Tour photos showing that Billion Dollars might buy a football stadium, but it doesn't buy a roller rink.

15 Photos

Roll 4 The Roses 6.25.16

The Saturday morning of June 25, 2016 was a warm, humid, and windy day that saw Dunfee, Hendrickson, and Larson claim the podium positions.

112 Photos

Apostle Island 6.18.16

Weather finally cooperated on Madeline Island for the Apostle Island Inline Marathon.

81 Photos

Loppet 25k 2.5.16

On the frozen tundra of Lake Calhoun dozens of skaters braved the cold to skate 25k.

107 Photos


3rd Andy Kostka  / 1st Daryl Dahl Memorial Skate

On a brisk but beautiful autumn morning skaters gathered at Elm Creek, Andy Kostka's favorite training ground, for the 3rd Annual Andy Kostka Memorial Skate / 1st Annual Daryl Dahl Memorial Skate. Turnout was great, the food after was good, the time with friends was irreplaceable.

27 Photos

Daryl Dahl's Passing

Daryl Dahl passed away on June 19th, 2015 from ALS. He was a great skater, biker, photographer, and friend to many.

12 Photos

NSIM 9.19.15

Bart Swings missed the course record by a minute and a half on a beautiful September morning along the shores of Lake Superior.

247 Photos

Minnesota Half Marathon 8.1.15

Dunfee and Parker win comfortably on a beautifully sunny morning along the river in downtown St. Paul.

191 Photos

Roll for the Roses 6.27.15

70 skaters started a sunny Saturday morning in Roseville with a quick 10k. Dunfee was once again the quickest of them all.

163 Photos

Apostle Island Inline Marathon, 6.21.15

Rainy conditions didn't deter the majority of skaters on Saturday, June 21, 2015. The show must go on.

49 Photos

2010 Apostle Island Inline Marathon

Recently rediscovered photos from the 2010 running of the Apostle Island Inline Marathon. Danny Frederick pulled away in the final mile closely followed by Hernan Diaz, Andy Kostka, Thong Nguyen, Andy Uttke, Gary Johnson, Tom Peterson, and Matt Meyer. A couple of the photos are from the 2010 Baxter Marathon.

20 Photos

Age Class Nationals 2.7.15

Skaters of all ages gathered for the mass start championships on a pleasant February Saturday morning.

61 Photos

Trail Photos 2015

Photos from the trail - the title of the gallery is really pretty self-explanatory.

17 Photos


AM Cup Roseville 12.7.14

The American Cup stopped in Roseville on the weekend of December 7th and 8th. Skaters enjoyed good weather and nice ice.

78 Photos

NSIM 2014

September 13, 2014 Two Harbors to Duluth. It was an amazing weekend, a great race, and a fantastic experience. From dinner the night before the race, to last minute equipment issues, to post race festivities, it was a weekend that will not be forgotten.

151 Photos

Cheri Uelmen

Collection of photos of the recently departed Cheri Uelmen - a fine skater, but better person.

3 Photos

Kostka Memorial Skate 8.24.14

Twenty skaters gathered at Andy Kostka's favorite trail for the second annual memorial skate. It was only the third time I have been to Elm Creek without Andy.

8 Photos

Minnesota Half 2014

The morning of August 2nd, a few hundred skaters and many more runners took to Shepard Ave in St. Paul. Kelin Dunfee would get his first win in dominant fashion.

152 Photos

Roll For Roses 2014

The end of June brought unseasonably cool weather for an early morning skate through Roseville. Dyrud would pass Marfori in the final few hundred meters to win.

97 Photos

2009 Metrodome Inline Marathon

Photos from the 2009 Metrodome Inline Marathon. Photos are from both the team time trial and the individual marathon

80 Photos

Mantia Camp

Inline and Ice World Cup Champion and Olympian Joey Mantia leads a training camp in Roseville on June 7th, 2014.

55 Photos

Capitol Bike Race 6.1.14

Melissa Dahlmann returned to bike racing with an impressive podium finish on the steps of the Minnesota Capitol on June 1st, 2014.

61 Photos

Trail Photos '14

Here is a collection of photos from the trail in 2014. Feel free to send your best shots in to add to the gallery.

31 Photos

Metrodome Turns to Rubble

Throughout January, February, and March 2014 the Metrodome was slowly reduced to rubble at tremendous expense to taxpayers.

10 Photos

National Mass Start Championships 2.22.14

February 22nd and 23rd Roseville hosted the U.S. National Mass Start Championships. Pony's, Midgets, Juniors, and Masters battled for 2014 supremacy.

99 Photos

Red Bull Crashed Ice Qualifying 1.26.14

Chris Lomen attempted to qualify for the Red Bull Crashed Ice Event.

31 Photos

AM Cup Blaine Short Track 1.25.14

The Cup Short Track series came to the Blaine Schwan Super Rink on January 25-26, 2014. Skaters competed in 500m and 1500m events on Saturday and 1000m and 3000m events on Sunday.

143 Photos


December 14, 2013 Ice/50 miler

The day started on the Roseville Ice for the John Rose Open - Mass Start Championships. The ice was followed by the annual/final Metrodome 50 miler.

117 Photos

Am Cup Roseville 12.7-8.13

The American Cup on December 7-8, 2013 at the Roseville Oval.

13 Photos

Grand Forks Photos 8.24.13

On Saturday, August 24 skaters did their best to navigate the unmarked and unstaffed forks in the road to find the finish line. Diaz knew the course best and made the correct turn to win.

25 Photos

Minnesota Inline Half Marathon 8.3.13

On the morning of August 3rd runners and skaters filled Shepard Road along the river in St. Paul. In a repeat of last season Sarmiento and Peterson took top honors.

161 Photos

Chicagoland Inline Marathon 7.21/7.22.13

Photos by Barby Schulte from the Chicagoland Inline Marathon held on the AT&T campus in Hoffman Estates. David Sarmiento won w/ a time of 1:06.

6 Photos

Apostle Islands Inline Marathon 6.15.13

The soggy early morning hours of June 15th gave way to a fairly dry track at race time. A large lead pack set a stiff pace before sprinting to the finish. The ladies race was one of the closest finishes in recent memory.

190 Photos

Trail Photos 2013

Collection of photos from the summer of 2013 trail skates, group skates, and other various inline activities.

27 Photos

Metrodome Marathon 2013

Saturday, March 9th may have been the final Metrodome Inline Marathon and it was certainly the fastest. Paul Dyrud broke the individual marathon record by 12 seconds. David, the Petersons, Ron, and Andy then shattered the team record.

108 Photos

US JR Championship

The first weekend in February was the U.S. Junior Championships at the Roseville Oval.

92 Photos

American Cup Roseville 1.19.13

On January 19-20th, the Roseville Oval hosted the American Cup & Junior World Championships.

145 Photos


Mass Start Championships

December 8th and 9th provided two very different days of racing at the Oval. Saturday was a picturesque day with a clear blue sky and the sunshine shimmering off the freshly Zambonied ice. Sunday, on the other hand, brought over a foot of snow - but the show (and the shoveling) must go on.

90 Photos

Andy Kostka In Memoriam

On the morning of November 17th, our Twin Cities inline community tragically and shockingly lost a true competitor, talented businessman, and dedicated family man. Thirty-two year old Andy Kostka passed in his sleep at his home. Our thoughts and prayers are with Andy Kostka's wife Betsy and his young daughter.

42 Photos

American Cup 11/2-11/4/2012

Friday through Sunday in Milwaukee featured the likes of Shani Davis, Heather Richardson, Tucker Fredricks, Maria Lamb, Joey Mantia, Briana Kramer, and many Minnesota inline and ice skaters who battled it out in the American Cup ice speed-skating competition at the Pettit Center. Several course records were flirted with and several more were broken.

170 Photos

A2A 2012

October 14, 2012 photos from Athens and then from Atlanta and a contingent of Minnesota skaters make the trek.

20 Photos

2012 Trail Photos

2012 Trail photos from the Greenway, the Gateway and a few places in between.

14 Photos

Kostka Lyons Race

Photos from Andy Kostka's 2012 trip to France.

23 Photos

Grand Forks & Winnipeg 8.25.12/8.26.12

It was a busy race weekend in late August as skaters first made the rounds through Grand Forks and then skated a few laps around Bird Hill Provincial Park in Winnipeg.

111 Photos

MN Half Marathon, 8.4.12

August 4, 2012 Minnesota Inline Half Marathon on Shepard Road in St. Paul, MN. David Sarmiento and Kara Peterson, both of Adam's Test Team, skate to victory.

67 Photos

Chicagoland Inline Tour Day 2 - Marathon, 7.22.12

July 21-22, 2012 Chicagoland Inline Tour & Marathon, held at the AT&T Campus in Hoffman Estates. Sunday was the Full Marathon

81 Photos

Chicagoland Inline Tour & Marathon July 21, 2012

July 21-22, 2012 Chicagoland Inline Tour & Marathon, held at the AT&T Campus in Hoffman Estates. Saturday events included the Two-Mile Time Trial and a 10k Circuit Event. Sunday was the Full Marathon

41 Photos

Roll 4 Roses, 6.23.12

Approximately 70 skaters participated in the Roll for the Roses 10K Race on June 23rd, 2012 in Roseville, Minnesota.

48 Photos

Apostle Islands Marathon, 6.16.12

Approximately 300 skaters participated in the 3rd Annual Apostle Island Inline Marathon which took place on June 16th, 2012 on Madeline Island in Wisconsin.

107 Photos

Baxter Inline Marathon, 6.9.12

Approximately 150 skaters participated in the Baxter Inline Marathon in Baxter, MN on June 9th, 2012.

135 Photos

Grand Old Day Race, 6.3.12

A good turnout and fine weather, along with a fight to the finish, marked the 2012 Grand Old Days 8K Race on June 3rd.

30 Photos

Metrodome Marathon 3/17/12

St. Patrick's Day Dome Marathon. Marfori and Uttke blistered the track record. Adams won again . . .

21 Photos

Red Bull Crashed Ice

January 13th and 14th outside the Basilica brave skaters plunged off ledges, careened about hairpin turns and tried to survive the 30+mph trip down the course.

21 Photos



10/9/11 A2A photo gallery

15 Photos

NSIM 2011 photo gallery

September 17, 2011 Two Harbors to Duluth. Photos from the finish line for the Elite Division & Awards for all.

56 Photos

North of the 49th 8/28/2011

8/28/2011 Birds Hill Provincial Park, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

57 Photos

St. Michael Half Marathon 8/13/2011

Images from the August 13, 2011 St. Michael Half Marathon. Matt Meyer got the victory as the morning rain dried throughout the race.

57 Photos

St. Paul Half Marathon 8/6/11

August 6, 2011 on Shepard Road the Minnesota Half Marathon was won by David Sarmiento and his big toe in a close battle with Rob Bell.

89 Photos

Spider's 50th Birthday Skate

Dan Thomson (A/K/A Spider) celebrated his 50th Birthday by skating 50 miles from Minneapolis to St. Paul and back - with the help of a large group of friends.

11 Photos

Chicagoland Inline Tour & Marathon, 7.23 - 7.24.11

Over 500 skaters participated in the U.S.' 2nd largest race - the Chicagoland Inline Tour & Marathon events July 23rd - July 24th, 2011 outside Chicago in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

81 Photos

Roll for the Roses 10K, 6.25.11

Over 60 skaters participated in the Roll for the Roses 10K Race on June 25th, 2011 in Roseville, Minnesota.

18 Photos

Apostle Islands Inline Marathon, 6.18.11

Approximately 400 skaters participated in the 2nd Annual Apostle Island Inline Marathon which took place on June 18th, 2011 on Madeline Island in Wisconsin.

77 Photos

Baxter Inline Marathon, 6.11.11

150 inline and quad skaters participated in the Baxter Inline Marathon in Baxter, MN on June 11th, 2011.

74 Photos

Grand Old Day Race, 6.5.11

Over 80 skaters participated in the Grand Old Day 8K Race on June 5th, 2011 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

35 Photos

Other Photos

Dahlmann 2012

Partial collection of Melissa Dahlmann's 2012 race and trail photos.

27 Photos

Andy Kostka's Memorial Bench

On March 23, 2014 a small group of skaters made the cold and icy hike to visit Andy's Memorial Bench in Elm Creek.

7 Photos

Andy Uttke Photos

Getting your own gallery is just one of the perks of running the website. These photos capture my inline journey from plodder to hot rodder and the people and places that made it so special.

282 Photos