Organized Group Skate Directions

Organized group skates are a great way for recreational skaters to develop the skills necessary to improve.   Group skates provide:

  • an opportunity to watch and draft with more advanced skaters
  • a higher level of safety than training on your own
  • a great chance to get to know fellow skaters
  • a simulation of racing situations and circumstances (free of charge!)

These group skates are not intended for novices or completely inexperienced skaters.  The vast majority of the participants are able to complete marathons in under 1:45, with many under 1:15.  Attendees in purely recreational skaters are likely to struggle.  A race skate is highly recommended.

Warning: these group skates are variable and occasionally the starting locations and times are modified via e-mail.  Please let me know if you wish to be added to that e-mail listserv for the latest information.

Gateway Skate (Monday evenings departing at 5:30 PM)

Pace:  Swift.  Recreational skaters will be dropped, but the trail allows many regroup points, so you will not be thrown to the wolves.

Type: Out and Back

Conditions: Variable pavement, one road crossing, scenic tree lined and generally flat with little trail traffic.

Distance:  The bridge over Manning Ave. was completed last fall, which lengthens the Gateway Trail to north of Stillwater.  Skaters often exit the Gateway at Manning and do hill training on the smooth pavement of Mendell.  Typical distance is approximately 23 miles, but occasionally eclipses 30 miles.

Map: Here is the standard course.

Location:  UPDATE: due to trail construction this skate is now beginning from a parking lot east of the Mahtomedi high school baseball fields on Highway 12.  Please contact me for details. Click this text for a map showing the starting location.

The Gateway Trail map can be found at


Minneapolis Greenway (Tuesday at 6:00 PM, and Saturday at 8:00 AM)

Pace: Variable.  Often a quite modest warm up skate to “the Depot”  (Coffee House at 169 and Excelsior – some also start from this location) then amping up the pace and sometimes doing “bridge sprints” (the trail passes under a significant number of bridges – sprint under two bridges then normal pace until the next bridge, and repeat).

Type:  Out then back, then Out and back again.

Conditions: Good pavement; a few residential road crossings; a couple significant non-residential road crossing; busy, sometimes crowded urban setting.

Distance: Approximately 20 miles.  This distance can be added to by continuing to the River Trail after crossing the bridge over Hiawatha Ave. or continuing to “the Depot” a second time.

Location:  Starting “behind Whole Foods” in Uptown.  Take Excelsior Boulevard to Abbott Ave S. and North back toward Whole Foods.  There is no parking lot, just park on the side of the road.  The Whole Foods parking lot is for customers – you have been warned.  Skaters will begin to mass near the trail head (located where Abbott meets Chowen).  The connection from the road to the trail is visible to the left of the red letter “A” below.

Approximate address: 3100 Abbott Ave S, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55416

Elm Creek Regional Park (Sunday departing at 9:00 & 10:00 AM)

Pace:  Multiple pace lines are likely to evolve, however, the pace is generally quite rigorous due to significant hills.  This is a challenging skate and may not be best for beginners.

Type:  Multiple loops and crisscrossing trails.

Conditions:  Very good pavement (but watch for tar snakes in wet condition, and be cautious on and approaching the wooden bridges); a lightly traveled road runs through the center of the park (approach with caution); the trails are scenic and wildlife abounds (think State Park); the trails are nearly the hilliest of any of the group skates and can be demanding; trail traffic generally light.

Distance:  The park claims to have over 29 miles of paved trails, but if you forget to bring a copy of the park map and a compass  you could end up doing significantly more.  Be warned that not all trail intersections have a map posted – don’t learn the hard (and exhausting) way.  Get your map at

Location: This skate departs from the Lifetime Fitness parking lot in Champlin.  Take Hwy 169 to 120th Ave. (Target will be to the East and Lifetime Fitness to the West).  Take 120th Ave. West past Lifetime Fitness to the North West corner of their parking lot.  On the map below you can see where the trail connects to the parking lot.


SK8HARD Time Trial by Abo’s Skate Shop, Sunday 3:00 PM (May through the NSIM):

What: Group Skate and/or Time Trial

Where: 19001 Jackson St NE, Cedar, MN

When: Each and every Sunday in May through mid-September(one week prior to the NorthShore Inline Marathon).

Who: Every level of skater is comfortable and welcome in this crowd, and at this venue. If you are elite, your expertise is obvious and supremely valued by those who would love to glean from you. If you think you use could use a tip or two, practice at your pace line prowess, or just want others to skate with, you are the primary focus of this activity.

How: The origin of this gathering was inline/speed skating. Currently, cycling, and running are also key components; still seeking that first roller skier to set the track record for that category!

Specifically Speaking: Arrive anytime between 2:30 and 5:30pm. Ample parking is at the driveway entrance to Our Savior’s Lutheran Church. Dry-land warm-up begins at 2:45. Plan to step off for a warm-up lap of btwn 4-5 miles at 3:00. Immediately following the warm-up lap, those who wish to TT (2.107 miles) gather at the start line for their run(s). Group skate pace lines run continuously, on 5 mile laps of pristine pavement, that is very lightly traveled, with wide smooth shoulders-when necessary.

Additional Info: MapQuest tool, results archive, and course records at ..
The skating surface is spectacular, and mostly flat. The typical skater could easily plan to skate 20+ miles, with great company.  Abo is always on hand to provide for pre-skate gear checks, pre-event weekend gear checks, new and used equipment demos, and pace line and technique drills during open skate laps.

Oh, and as always(since the inception in 2002), it’s FREE! *free electrolytes provided*


Not sure where to inline skate / rollerblade in the Twin Cities?  Wondering where to rollerblade in the Twin Cities?  The above locations are great even without a group.  Twin Cities rollerblading or inline skating can be done safely and easily in many locations.  See the links on the side of the main page for more ideas on where to skate in Minneapolis, where to skate in St. Paul, or where to skate in the Twin Cities.