Lomen & Meyer to Open a Crossfit Gym

Matt Meyer’s Axcelerate Fitness opened in 2011 in his St. Paul garage with a smattering of equipment. Over the past couple of years the garage has become crowded with equipment and athletes attempting to emulate Matt’s cheese grater abs. Axcelerate Fitness is about to become CrossFit Sabertooth. After a six month search for a new gym space, Matt Meyer and his new business partner Chris Lomen have located a suitable space. They will be moving from a 400 square foot two car garage to a 5,000 square foot warehouse facility. The move will begin in November with plans to be operational in December.

To help fund the expansion they are running a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo. All that invest will get perks based on the size of their contribution.

Who We Are:

CrossFit Sabertooth (formerly Axcelerate Fitness) is a CrossFit affiliate gym in St. Paul, Minnesota. At CrossFit Sabertooth, we believe that physical fitness is one of the most crucial components of living life to the fullest. We also believe that working out should be something that we can all look forward to, not something to dread! Our mission is to provide effective, fun, and safe workouts that anyone can participate in, to inspire our clients to make health and fitness a priority in their lives, and to be a valued resource in the community we work in.

We are currently operating out of a small (but nice!) garage space. We offer dynamic and fun group workout classes, as well as high-quality personal training, yoga, and mobility classes. Our workouts are designed to be highly effective for anyone, whether you’re an elite college athlete, a mother of three, or a retiree.

Matt Meyer started the gym in November 2011 as Axcelerate Fitness. He remodeled his two-car garage into a well-equipped (but cozy) workout space, quit his day job, and dove headfirst into the world of gym ownership. Over the past three years Matt has steadily grown the gym clientele to where it is today: a diverse group of members of all ages and abilities, who come together every week to challenge, encourage, and stand alongside one another on the journey to better fitness, and ultimately a better life. Matt has joined forces with Chris Lomen and Tim Kelson, both CrossFit Level 1 trainers and gym regulars, to take the gym to the next level.

We have big dreams for what the future of our gym and community can be. Our goal for this fundraiser is to gather the initial funds needed to expand to a bigger, better location. We’ve outgrown our 400 sqft. garage space. While we don’t mind doing our burpees in the yard and jumping rope in the alley, we know we can serve and grow our existing gym family more effectively with a larger space.

After months of searching, we have found the perfect new location for our new gym: a 5,000 square foot facility located at 740 Harding Ave NE, near Stinson Ave & Broadway Ave in Northeast Minneapolis. This facility has a lobby, office, break room, three bathrooms, an upstairs lounge, and a 3,000 square foot warehouse that would become our new workout space. Simply put, this facility has everything we could want in a new space.

BUT — we need your help to make this new gym a reality!

Our Vision for Our New Location

Our current building has a max capacity for 5-7 clients per workout, depending on the movements involved. As word has continued to spread and new clients are coming each week, we are at a point where we can’t serve everyone who wants to work out with us.

Our new location will provide a lot of benefits, both for us as gym owners, and for our members:

Increased capacity for each class — no more “Class is Full” issues for our members!
More room for additional equipment
Ability to host workshops, events, and small competitions
Greater visibility, foot traffic, and legitimacy that comes with working out in a “real” building — one that isn’t in a back alley!
Possible space for child care, so parents can bring their kids to workouts
Possible locker room/shower space for member use
Member lounge area — couches, relevant fitness books, etc.
More room to run around and hang out in the winter!

What We’ll Use Funding For:

We are hoping to reach a goal of $10,000 in funding. Here is a breakdown of how we intend to use this funding.
The first $5,000:

Opening the doors. There are a lot of fees, insurance premiums, legal costs, and other fun expenses that come along with expanding a gym.

More equipment. Offering tons of variety in programming also means we need to have a wide variety of equipment. We’ve got a great start from the current gym, but we’ll need to expand our arsenal of the basics to ensure a top-quality experience for every member. Kettlebells, barbells & bumper plates, medicine balls…these are a few of my favorite things…

Initial buildout/renovation costs for the new space
Purchasing the merchandise for our backer awards — t-shirts, etc.


Member lounge area. We’d like to outfit our upstairs space with comfy couches, where our members can hang out before and after their workouts, read up on Olympic weightlifting or nutrition, or pick up the latest CrossFit Sabertooth apparel.
Rowers! While we love (and hate) the Airdyne and SkiErg at CFS, we’ve been drooling over the prospect of getting a pair of Concept 2 rowing machines. These are the standard for most CrossFit facilities, but they’re just too big to fit in our current space.
More of the nuts and bolts that will help us grow the gym and maintain our current healthy financial picture as we expand, like high quality signage, banners, and info packets.


A shower! This will provide flexibility to our members who prefer to come to class before work.
Child care area! Our members with small children will love having a dedicated kids area, which we are planning to have staffed during certain workouts during the week if we can get the funding to set it up.

More awesome equipment! The workout space we have has potential to be one of the premiere CrossFit facilities in the Twin Cities, but equipment is VERY expensive.

To sum it up: The more funding we raise, the better the experience we can offer to our community, both current and future. We love our members and want to give them the best of everything!
Final Thoughts…

Every time we finish a workout, each person has accomplished something they have never done before. It might be a heavier weight, faster time, a new movement, more reps, better mobility, or something else altogether. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first CrossFit workout or your 1000th — there is always something more to strive for and achieve. This is what inspires us as trainers and athletes to do what we do. Help us change as many lives as possible through fitness, by backing our gym expansion. Thank you!

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