Andy Kostka Memorial Skate August 23, 2014

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  • Per Dan Collins:

    Okay boys and girls, the date has been set for the 2nd Annual Andy Skate.  We’ll meet at Elm Creek where you can skate, bike, run, walk, crawl, or slap on some of those funky kangaroo boots Peterson has been hopping around on.
    Betsy and Brynn will be there (with family and friends).  Brynn is now riding a bike without training wheels so she may be rolling along with the crew.
    1. When is this? Saturday August 23rd.  Rain or shine.
    2. What time do we start? We’ll start around 8:00 AM.  Come earlier if you want to skate longer, come later if you don’t want to skate that long.
    3. Where are we skating? Elm Creek Park.
    4. How do I get there? See the group skates section of for directions to where we’ll meet at Elm Creek (here’s the link in case you’re web challenged,
    5. What if it rains? We’ll still meet for lunch if it rains.  It rained last year and we still had a good turnout and a lot of fun remembering our buddy.
    6. Are we having lunch afterwards? Yes.  Lunch will be at 11:00.  We’re all meeting at Clive’s Roadhouse in Champlin (
    7. Should I let Uncle Dan know if I’ll be there for lunch? Yes.  Let me know if you’ll be there for lunch so I can make reservations for our large group.
    Remember your green wristbands.  If you don’t have one I believe Ovid has a new supply he can dole out.
    Special note: Betsy has a number of Andy’s skating items and she needs to find a good home for them.  Some of the items on the list are new sets of wheels, a slideboard, skate sharpeners, bearings, bearings, and more bearings, a sonic cleaner, a dart board with my picture on it, and other items. She can bring some of these items and pictures of other things as well.  She’s not sure how to price these things so she’ll be relying on several of us and the lotion boys to make sure prices are consistent with the fair market value.