Summer Inline Series Keep Growing

Another night of perfect weather conditions set the stage for great racing at the Summer Inline Series at the Oval.  A group of nearly 20 skaters repeated some drills from the Mantia camp and then set to a few races.  Here is Ryan Mulley’s dramatic comeback win to beat a much improved John Henning:


According to Chris Lomen here were the evenings other highlights:

Highlights of the night included:
– Having three new skaters — John, Matt, and Chris — join us for the entire session tonight! Thanks for coming out guys!
– John H. pulling out to a huge lead on the last lap of the 5 lapper, only to be beat out at the line by Ryan after an epic comeback (Just caught the end: Video Link!)
– Lomen finally beating Kelin & Tom in a race after getting spanked for the last 6 weeks in a row!
– Isaac skated the 9 lap race tonight and hung on to the lead group for 8 laps! He came in 4th. Great job Isaac!!!

Five Lap Race Heat 1:

1. Ryan Mullery
2. John Henning
3. Michael Mullery
4. Kaari Cox

Five Lap Race Heat 2:

1. Chris Lomen
2. Tom Peterson
3. Kelin Dunfee

9 Lap Race:

1. Chris Lomen
2. Kelin Dunfee
3. Tom Peterson
4. Isaac