Dyrud Takes the Roses – GoPro video added

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The Oval has been a second home to Paul Dyrud throughout his Olympic chase.  Perhaps it should come as no surprise that he was able to pull off the pass on Ron Marfori in the final few hundred meters to win the 19th Annual Roll for the Roses.  The 10k race took skaters down County Road C to Dale, then back west on B2 and north on Hamline before skaters wind there way to Lexington.  Skaters then climb the biggest hill on the course only to plunge down a hill and make a ninety degree left turn into the oval and a similar turn in the opposite direction to make the first turn inside the oval.  Marfori was ahead as he negotiated the zig-zag of turns to enter the oval, but at the entry to the backstretch Dyrud’s experience on the track showed and he pulled away. Click here for the photo gallery – new photos added on July 1st. .

Dyrud started slow, but by the time skaters were headed north on Hamline a lead pack had emerged and he was right where he needed to be.  Ron Marfori led the pack as it headed for the railroad track crossing.  Marfori was followed at that point by Dyrud, Kelin Dunfee, Gary Johnson, Brent Bovitz, Chris Lomen, and John Schulte.  Tom Peterson and Jason Mann had fallen off the lead pack but were well ahead of the second pack.  Melissa Dahlmann led the second pack (as she did for most of the race) followed by Todd Schneider, Michael Mullery, Earl Kendall, Jack Wussler, Kara Parker, Rowdy Larson, and Randy Landucci.

John Schulte’s relentless hill training on the Gateway and surrounding roadways paid dividends as he hung right in there with the lead pack the entire race.  Another impressive performer was Rowdy Larson.  The young high schooler, and rising ice speedskater, hung on to the second pack  and finished strong – right on the heels of Ryan Mullery.  Matt Meyer returned to racing with a solid performance for someone who has spent so little time on skates.

Skaters need to remember that we are racing for fun and personal accomplishment. To put your hands on another skater with the intent to change their course or impede their progress is unacceptable. A skater must also make sure that there is room for them to reenter the paceline after a pull and not simply dive into a perceived opening. The risks are high on skates at 20+ mph. Skaters have an obligation to those around them to not engage in stupid behavior that puts others in danger through their own actions or inactions.

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Earl Kendall – the happiest skater:

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The timekeeping company has finally posted results, but they are inaccurate as they fail to include Bovitz and Wussler, and Jason Mann’s time appears to be inaccurate.

1. Paul Dyrud, Hoigaards, 16:49, 22.1 mph

2. Kelin Dunfee, Adams, 16:51

3. Brent Bovitz, TWINCAM, 16:52

4. Ron Marfori, TWINCAM, 16.52

5. Gary Johnson, TWINCAM, 16:59

6. Chris Lomen, TWINCAM, 17:03

7. John Schulte, TWINCAM, 17:09

8. Tom Peterson, Adams, 17:55

9. Jason Mann, TWINCAM,

10.  Michael Mullery, Max Muscle, 18:09

11. Ryan Mullery, Max Muscle, 18:09

12. Rowdy Larson, Hoigaards, 18:10

13. Kara Parker (Formerly Kara Peterson.  Now skating for TWINCAM), 18:10

14. Jack Wussler, Flanders

15. Todd Schneider, TWINCAM, 18:10

16. Randy Landucci, TWINCAM, 18:11

17. Melissa Dahlmann, Adams, 18:16

18. Earl Kendall, TWINCAM, 18:46

19.  Greg Miller, Asphalt Beach, 19:34

Click here for the photo gallery. Results should eventually be final here.

Duck, Duck, GOOSE!

Chris Lomen was wearing his GoPro camera and told tales of geese on the course. 

Here is another video out of Roseville. In the video an innocent man is slammed to the ground, beaten, and repeatedly tasered by Roseville’s finest. When you are a hammer, you only see nails.
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