Breezy NorthShore Inline Marathon Inflates Times

The Wind Wins:

When I first saw the times from the 2013 NSIM I thought we were dealing with another timing chip issue.  Sources, however, have confirmed the accuracy of the slow times and attributed them to a significant “double digit” head wind.  Times are approximately 10 minutes slower than usual (some are half an hour slower).  Despite the generally slow times, there were still plenty of fantastic performances.

Did you hear the one about the dentist?

Don’t miss the post about the dentist.

Photo Gallery (by Dale Larson)

The Combined Winner:

There is an award for the fastest combined time for those completing both the half marathon and the full marathon.  This years winner is Rod Anderson.  This award will fit nicely on Rod’s mantel next to his cheese grater from the now defunct Texas Road Rash.

125mm Wheels:

Rumor has it the overall winner was skating on 125mm wheels.  The photo above is from .  It appears from some of the websites that the 125mm setup is not legal in European cup inline races, but there is no such prohibition here.  One would think the 125mm wheel setup would be heavy, but if you are only using three wheels the weight might be similar to a 110mm set up.  Either way, it worked.

Advanced Results:

Pro Open Men

Don’t miss the post about the dentist.

Photo Gallery (by Dale Larson)

Pro Open Women:

The fastest female of the day did not race in the Pro Elite Female category.  As a result, that skater was not eligible for the $1,000 prize for winning.  Congrats anyway Sarah Oftedahl in a time of 1:33.


Half Marathon Results:

Congrats to Kellie Petroskey who fell in the final miles and got up to complete a strong race.  Note John & Cole Schulte skating the half together.  Apparently Cole nipped him at the line as John was conserving his energy, as he had to get back on the bus to then skate the full marathon.

Masters Men 40-49:

Great job by Todd Schneider to hang with Bovitz, Johnson, and Peterson all the way to the end.

Masters Men 50+

The top 28 skaters finished within 30 seconds of each other – only in Duluth.

Masters Men 30-39

Don’t miss the post about the dentist.