Forks in the Road

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Yogi Berra famously said, “When you come to a fork in the road . . . take it.”  Skaters came to more than a couple forks in the road on the rerouted Rollin’ On the River race course.  Success in inline skating is not 100% physical, as mental toughness, intelligence, and experience are also required.  Saturday morning the experienced veteran who knew the race course, Hernan Diaz, made the correct turn while other leaders were led astray by a police officer who directed them the wrong way, and still others followed the pace car as it left the race course.

The course changes from last year were the talk of the town after the event, with more than one skater having taken a wrong turn.  I have said before, after similar incidents on other race courses (i.e. Baxter) that it is the skater’s job to know the race course.  It wouldn’t hurt to have informed volunteers at tricky places who knew the course, but ultimately as Truman said – the buck stops here (errr . . . w/ the skater.)

The transitions from the road course to the river side trail also caused a few bumps and bruises.  It wouldn’t be counted as an official inline event if a Mullery didn’t require a band-aid or 10.  Today it was Ryan’s turn – heal fast Ryan.  Another skater by the name of Ryan took a tremendous fall on the final turn as he tried to sprint for the finish.  I was surprised how quickly he popped up and made it to the line.

Grand Forks has another peculiarity in that there is a race within a race – the NAKO 10.  Skaters race to the ten mile mark for a $500 prize.  David Sarmiento pulled around Randy Plett, who sprinted a little early, to claim the prize.  David’s efforts at the ten mile mark would burn him later in the race as he lacked the needed energy to close the gaps at the end.

In the ladies race, Kara Peterson stayed home, and Melissa Dahlmann probably wishes she had.  After hanging with the hot shots early, then striking into the second group for the first half, she had to stop and take her skates off with five miles to go before continuing on to finish in around 1:21.  An exhausted Connie Ecklund took third, with Galina Snegireva earning top honors.

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These are the early results that are typically subject to change.  I left Plett off the list since I think he said he left the course after falling.

Marfori v. Numerick


1. Hernan Diaz 1:08:55

2. Bill Numerick

3. Ron Marfori

4. Brent Bovitz

5. Jeff Terwilliger

6. David Sarmiento (NAKO 10 Mile winner)

7. Chris Mackowski

8. Gary Johnson

9. Geoffrey Ash

10. Mike DeZellar

11. Chris Lomen

12. John Schulte

13. Todd Schneider

14. Alex Harvey

15. Floyd Reichel

16. Tom Cole

17. Michael Mullery

18. David Swan

19. Greg Miller

20. Randy Landucci

Womens Marathon:

1. Galina Snegireva

2. Melissa Dahlmann

3. Connie Ecklund

Rec Half Marathon:

1. Torrie Enget

2. Jeff Steltz

3. Mark Christensen

4. Jamie Roed

5. Travis Trosen

6. Anita Cody

7. AJ Hoffman

8. Albert Koshney

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