Minnesota Inline Marathon = Sarmiento / Peterson again


Photo gallery can be found here.

Inline Half Marathon Results:

Skaters could not have asked for better weather on the morning of August 3rd, 2013.  Around 7:30 AM Paul Dyrud set a blistering pace off the start forcing David Sarmiento and Ron Marfori to give chase.  After the first turnaround Paul had opened up a lead of a couple hundred yards, but was eventually reeled in by a pack of the top 7.  That pack would hold together the rest of the race and cross the line within seconds of each other.  A minute or so back, Mike DeZellar would impressively outsprint Herb Gayle to lead the second pack across the line with Chris Lomen in hot pursuit.  In the ladies race it was Kara Peterson fending off Melissa Dahmann (again).  The Open pack (non-pro) was tightly bunched the entire race and a lead pack never broke away – it resembled Wave A in Duluth, but thankfully without the carnage.  In the Duathalon, which forced skaters to finish the half marathon then run a couple more miles just for the fun of it, Brian Oswald, Dan Collins, and Jack “toe flicker” Wussler held off Paul Meyering and Lance Velander. Photo gallery can be found here.


1. David Sarmiento

2. Paul Dyrud

3. Hernan Diaz

4. Ron Marfori

5.  Jeff Terwilliger

6. Brent Bovitz

7. Gary Johnson

8. Geoff Ash

9. Mike DeZellar

10. Herb Gayle

Photo gallery can be found here.

Pro Elite Men:

1. David Sarmiento

2. Paul Dyrud

3. Ron Marfori

4. Geoffrey Ash

5. Chris “Ima gunno beat you” Lomen

6. Ryan Mullery

7. Steven Hartmann

8. Dale Larson

Photo gallery can be found here.

Pro Elite Female:

1. Melissa Dahlmann

2. Cortney Johnson (I think I have been spelling it “Courtney”)

3. Makailah Akana

4. Natasha Akana

Photo gallery can be found here.

Pro Master Male:

1. Brent Bovitz

2. Tommy Peterson

3. Larry Kaufman

4. Michael “Tagaderm” Mullery

5. Todd Schneider

Photo gallery can be found here.

Pro Master Female:(I think Kara Peterson should be on this list but is currently not included in the final standings anywhere.)

1. Tracy Yde

2. Stacia Marsolek

Photo gallery can be found here.

Pro Vet Men Category:

1. Hernan Diaz

2. Jeff Terwilliger

3. Gary Johnson

4. Mike DeZellar

5. Herb Gayle

6. John Schulte

7. Jason Mann (great to see him back racing!)

8. Randy “Carlos Danger” Landucci

9.  Earl Kendall

10. Stephen Larios

Official complete results will be available here.

Photo gallery can be found here.


Elite Womens:

The top two would once again skate together for much of the race, but eventually Kara just skated away and the two finished a couple hundred yards apart.

1. Kara Peterson

2. Melissa Dahlmann

Photo gallery can be found here.

Official complete results will be available here.


Open Results:

One huge pack skated the entire race together and came crashing (figuratively) across the finish line.  Lois Swanberg continued her impressive season with another fine performance today hanging onto the lead pack of male open skaters the entire race.  It was also great to see Kellie Petroskey having a strong race.

Age Group Results:

Male 18 & Under:

1. Neahmiah Akana

2. Jesse Peterson

3. Phil Durose

4. Evan Trimble

5.  Alec Olson

Female 18 & Under:

1. Annastasiah Akana (brother won the Male 18 & Under)

2. Samantha Eide (also an impressive ice skater)

3. Zakayla Akana

4. Xalia Akana (must be something in that Akana water)

Male 20 – 29: (what happened to the 19 year olds?)

1. Elias Hendrickson

2. Josiah Hendrickson

3. Scott Berger

4. Jason Hedlund

5. Tyler Pramann

Female 20 – 29:

1. Julia Rudnicki

2. Alexandra Lebens

3. Molly Gatrell

4. Lacy Brunnette

5. Emma Peters-Axtell

Male 30-39:

1. Richard Smith

2. Eric Smyth

3. Michael “I hate parking lots” Dahms

4. Garrett Stockbarger

5. Nicholas Titus

Women 30-39:

1. Kellie Petroskey

2. John  Peck (funny sounding female name – but anything goes these days)

3. Christina Larson-Dickson

4. April Kabes

5. Jena Doemel

Mens 40-49:

1. Bob Losby

2. Noel Creager (Noel was a top performer in the ’08 Saint Paul Open)

3. Doug McDonald

4. Patrick Stream

5. Theodore Petroskey (so official)

6. Ron “all the way from the West” marks

Female 40-49:

1. Connie Ecklund (Join Connie on the Monday night “No Drop” Greenway group skate, 6:00)

2. Julie Plung

3. Sandy McCance

4. Jana Davis

5. Amy Mellang

Men 50-59: (Corrected)

1. Jim Sokolowski

2. Matt Melanson

3. Jim Duethman (yeah, seriously!)

4. Gary Yanagita

5. Tim O’Donnell

Female 50-59:

1. Lois Swanberg

2. Sheryl Waddick

3. Theresa Moore

4. Darcy Futrell

5. Jo-Anne Anderson-Leben (I thought you could only have one hyphenated name in your full name?)

6. Karen Smith

Male 60-69:

1. Cale Carvell

2. Terry Holm

3. Ken Huss (amazing group of skaters in this top three)

4. Paul Holte

5. Bob “crash” Davis

6. Jake Peters

7. Joe Creedon

Female 60-69:

1. Connie Meek

2. Cathy Bratter

3.Valerie Peterson

4. Virginia Wallace

5. Marjorie Thompson

Male 70++++

1. Roger “all the way from California” Olson

2. Mike Miller

3. Sonny Heintz

4. David Beatson

Female 70+

1. Rosalind Sandberg (the only 70+ female skater to finish)



Official complete results will be available here.

Photo gallery can be found here.



The currently posted “Official” standings for the Duathalon do not appear to be correct based on what I observed.  One skater is reported as 20 minutes faster than the rest of the participants.  Can someone confirm that those are correct?

1. Dan Collins (who knew he could run)

2. Texas Flyers jersey

3. Brian Oswald

A pack of Jack Wussler, Rod Anderson, Lance Velander followed a bit later w/ Paul Meyering.

Official complete results will be available here.

Photo gallery can be found here.


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