2009 MN Inline Grand Prix Final Standings

Congratulations to a great season for all.

The top skaters in each age category are:

0-17 Paige Burgeson (Midwest Skate Club)
18-24 Morgane Echardour (Il Peleton?)
25-29 Rayna Meyer (Midwest Skate Club)
30-34 Sarah Oftedahl (Midwest Skate Club)
35-39 Kara Peterson (Adam’s Inline)
40-44 Martha Flynn-Kauth (Midwest Skate Club)
45-49 Margo Carvell (Team Rainbo)
50-54 Carol Hochstein (?)
55-59 Jessica Southworth-Bates (?)
60-64 Connie Meek (?)
65-69 Rosalind Sandberg (?)

0-17 Eric Krueger (Midwest Skate Club)
18-24 Dino Musielewicz (Team Rainbo)
25-29 David Sarmiento (Adam’s Inline)
30-34 Brian Oswald (?)
35-39 Daniel Frederick (Rollerblade/Midwest Skate Club)
40-44 Mike Anderson (Bont/Midwest Skate Club)
45-49 Herb Gayle (Aloe Up)
50-54 Jason Mann (Midwest Skate Club)
55-59 Cale Carvell (Team Rainbo)
60-64 Larry Konotopetz (Red River Speed)
65-69 Terry Holm (?)
75-79 Arnold Overby (?)

The Grand Prix is a great way for us to encourage inline skating and competing in the Midwest.  Top athletic participation goes to John Schulte, who competed in 12 MN Inline Grand Prix events. Dave Swan also helped support local skating by competing in 10 races.  And five other skaters made it to 9 Grand Prix races this year: Martha Flynn-Kauth, David Sarmiento, Andy Kotska, Mike Anderson and Ken Huss.

The final MN Inline Grand Prix standings are as follows:

2009 Grandprix Final

2009 Grandprix Final Top 25

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