Rainout: Oval Racing Canceled 6/12; Returns 6/19 (if dry)


June 5th was to be the opening night of the Summer Inline Series at the John Rose Oval, then June 12th was to be the opening night; however, Mother Nature has once again thwarted our attempts to skate.  Historically, the Summer Inline Series rule has been that if it is raining in Roseville at noon on the day of a race, the races are called off because there will not be sufficient time for the track to dry.  There will not be Summer Inline Series racing the night of June 12th.

2013 Summer Race Series at the Oval

David Sarmiento will be running the Summer Inline Series once again in 2013. Like last season, we will alternate between racing one week, and training the next. The Summer Inline Series has long been excellent training for the various components of successful marathon racing. Training sessions will focus on technique, race strategy, simulating racing situations, and preparing for the races the following week.

Here are some photos from past seasons: May 2010, June 2010 Take a look at these photos. It was standard to have nearly 50 competitors, spread over multiple divisions, competing on Wednesday nights. It would be great to see that level of participation again.

**Rainouts on race weeks will be held the following week and training will be skipped. **

$10 each race night and training is free if you attend the races. Training only will be $10 each session. Schedule is subject to change.

Races will start at 7:00 PM (training sessions will start at 6:30 PM)

June 5th Race (RAIN)

June 12th Race (RAIN)

June 19th Race

June 26th Train

July 3th Race

July 10th Race

July 17th Train (Chicago Race Weekend)

July 24th Race

July 31st Train (St. Paul MN Half)

August 7th Race

August 14th Train

August 21th Race (Grand Forks Marathon/Half Marathon)

August 28th Train


More information will be given in person at the Oval.

Relay: three person teams varying lengths

Time Trial: individual races of varying lengths

Team Time Trial: 3 person teams of varying lengths

Elimination/Miss-in- out: skater eliminated every lap until 2 skaters remain varying lengths



Long and Short distance: pack races of varying lengths