Andy Uttke, Ron Marfori, David Sarmiento & the Petersons Win

It was a day for record breaking and impressive performances to start the 2013 inline season at what was likely the last Metrodome Inline Marathon.

Paul Dyrud of Hoigaards and Melissa Dahlmann of Adam’s Test Team took home top honors for the Pro Individual Marathons, and Adam’s Test Team (with the addition of Andy Uttke and Ron Marfori) smoothly glided to a record breaking victory in the Team Time Trial.

Congratulations to all of the skaters who showed up to support this final event, and thanks to all the volunteers who made this possible.

Click here for the photo gallery. (Courtesy of Lance Velander)


Race #1: The Pro Individual Marathon

The morning began with a strong individual pro race performance by Paul Dyrud of Hoigaards, who beat the dome record set last year by Ron Marfori by just 12 seconds, finishing in 1:09:28.

Dyrud skated the first 20 laps, or so, of the race in a large paceline that repeatedly drew the ire of Dome staff for having more than five in the paceline.  Dyrud then dropped the hammer and sped on ahead, lapping the entire field all by himself.  It will be exciting to see how his hard work  on ice translates to the road races this year – well done!

Melissa Dahlmann of Adam’s Test Team handily won the women’s marathon, getting some redemption for her loss to second place finisher Morgan Mickey in Chicago last season.


Race #2: Half Marathon & Recreational Marathon

In the Recreational Marathon,  Paige Burgeson finished in a great time of 1:20:56 to take top honors for the women (would have been 6th place female pro), and Edgar Tellez-Castil took first for the men in 1:13:59.

In the Half Marathon, Heather Luberts finished in 44:01 for the women, and Ted Petrosky finished in a sub40 time of 39:17, with young Ryan Mullery nipping at his heels.  Great job by Rowdy Larson in the junior division, finishing in an impressive 43 minutes.


Race #3: The Team Time Trial

The days leading up to the team time trial had been full of intrigue and speculation as to who would come out on top in the battle between Adam’s Test Team and the out-of-town challengers, Pinnacle. Unfortunately, the race itself was rather anticlimactic from that standpoint, as things were clearly over within the first 12 laps of the race.

Pinnacle started out first on the concourse and looked to be a strong team including Ty Fidler, Bil Numerick, Steffen Howard, and Jimmy Blair.  Adam’s Test Team, composed of Kara and Tom Peterson, David Sarmiento, and Andy Uttke and Ron Marfori, was released in what initially looked to be a very unfortunate position, as Pinnacle had Adam’s Test Team within their sights.  Pinnacle was unable to capitalize on there advantage of having a rabbit to chase, however, and quickly fell behind Adam’s very strong initial 56 second average lap pace. Within their first 15-20 laps, Pinnacle then dropped one of their racers and Adam’s quickly caught them, squelching any question as to their continued domination of this race.

Now, the only question that remained was whether the combined forces of Andy, Ron, David, Kara and Tom would have enough to take down Paul’s new record from that morning. With five laps to go, it seemed as if the record might be out of reach, but several of the gents laid down some blistering final pulls, pushing teammates to ramp back up to the 56 second average at which they had started the race.  As Tom Peterson said afterwards, “that was HARD!” Their efforts paid off, however, as they finished in first, with all five team members, and the final dome record of 1:08:54 (a sub 59 second average lap pace).  The new indoor inline skating world record marathon time of 1:08:54 was set by Andy Uttke, Ron Marfori, David Sarmiento, Tom and Kara Peterson.

It was also great to see the 10 teams representing various local (and not so local) folks:  Adam’s Test Team, TWINCAM, Adam’s Town Team, Max Muscle (x2), Hoigaards + Max Muscle, Pinnacle, Rainbo, Team Ugly (with a mixture of various folks), and the all female team of Speed Revolution’s Roll Model.  It was great to see skaters from Illinois, Wisconsin, California, and Georgia among others, making the trip one last time.

Final Team Standings:

  1. Adam’s Test Team – 1:08:54
  2. Pinnacle Racing – 1:10:56
  3. TWINCAM – 1:13:29
  4. Max Muscle/Hoigaards – 1:15:06
  5. Team Ugly – 1:17:35
  6. Adam’s Town Team – 1:19:54
  7. Max Muscle 2 – 1:23:40
  8. Max Muscle 3 – 1:27:17
  9. Speed Revolution’s Roll Model – 1:33:23
  10. Team Rainbo – 1:33:34

Double Duty:

The following skaters deserve special acknowledgment for completing both the Individual Events & the Team Marathon:
Christina  Condon-Numeric
Penelope Streicher
Galina Snegireva
Edgar Tellez-Castil
Earl Kendall
Steve Meisinger
John Schenko
Jack Wussler
Larry Kaufman

For full race results, click here.

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Again, our thanks go out to the Metrodome race organizers, the volunteers, and all those who made this event possible.  It will truly be missed…by some. I heard others volunteering to light the fuse!

Race Day Musings:

  • Quote of the day: Rayna “lawn tractor?”

Click here for the photo gallery.

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