February 50: Annual Rollerdome 50 Mile Skate(s)

Dan Collins has once again organized the Rollerdome 50 Mile Skate.  Originally started to celebrate a 50th birthday, the February 50 has become an annual tradition.

We’ll be doing two 50 milers this year–one on Saturday, February 9th and a second on Saturday, February 23rd.

How many laps:  50 miles is 80,467 meters.  Each lap of the Dome is 605 meters, so that would be 133 laps.


Why Two 50 Milers: Since we won’t have access to the current or new stadium next year we have to do next year’s February 50 this year.

I can’t/don’t wanna skate that far: If you can’t make the full 50 don’t sweat it, everyone is welcome to join in the pain.  We’ll have all levels of skaters so don’t think you have to be an alpha dog to participate.

Start time: somewhere between 2:00 and 2:30 for both dates.  The Dome opens skating on both days at 2:00.


Post skate chow: Maxwell’s (someone be sure to call them in advance so they can staff appropriately).