Elm Creek Kostka Memorial

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Quick Reminder: as of 1/24/13 the neighborhood is $140.00 short of what is needed to maintain the bench for 20 years.
Andy Kostka’s neighbors are making arrangements for a memorial park bench to be installed in Elm Creek.  As many of you know, Andy’s home was not far from the park and he spent a great deal of time there with his family and friends.  The neighbors have already arranged for funding for 10 years of maintenance, but are seeking 20 years of maintenance as well as the installation of a tree.  Below is the letter that was circulated throughout the neighborhood:
Dear Nature’s Crossing’s Neighbors,
As you know our neighbor Andy Kostka passed away on Sat. Nov. 17.
In talking with Betsy recently, she expressed the desire to purchase a
memorial bench within the Elm Creek Park system as Andy spent many
hours training in the park and she feels close to him there.  Several of us
were thinking that this would be a wonderful gift to give to Betsy and Brynn
from the neighborhood.
I have been in contact with Elm Creek staff. For a donation of $1500 the park will install a bench on a concrete or aggregate pad along with a commemorative plaque (maintenance is guaranteed for 10 years). Betsy would work directly with park maintenance staff to choose the location for the bench.
If you wish to donate towards this, please send  your contribution to:
  • LaRae Heaney
  • 11362 Parkside Trail
  • Maple Grove MN 55369

LaRae Heaney

Reminder: you are still able to contribute to the Andy Kostka Children’s Education Fund.