NYC 100K

NYC 100K

The race was a who’s who in skating that featured Eddy Matzger, Peter Doucet, Luis Carlos Meja, Justin Stelly, Christopher Fiola, David Sarmiento, Tony Muse, and elite skaters from Spain, Montreal, and Columbia.  It was a crowded finish so official results are still not available.

Here is Mike DeZellar’s Report:

The opening laps seemed very tame as the leaders were only testing the pack with limited attacks and surges.  The pack seemed to separate during the attacks that followed the hill climb.  The pack was down to 20 or so skaters as we neared the end of lap 8, which was also the finish line for the 42K participants.  The 42K sprint began with about 200 meters left in lap 8.  The sprint, along with the hill climb to follow, was enough to knock a few of us from the lead pack.  I found myself in the company of Alex Van Dune (Michigan) and 17 year old “Bobby” as we watched the lead pack (including Brent Bovitz, Gary Johnson, Sarmiento, Tom Peterson, and Danny Frederick) slip away.

Alex, Bobby, and I worked together to keep a pace that was steady enough to hold off the 3rd chase pack.  As we passed by the start/finish area on lap 12 we were greeted by a very encouraging David Sarmiento in his street clothes.  David’s back pain flared up again and he was forced to pull out after 9 laps.  That was too bad as he was looking so strong early in the race.  After several more laps, Bobby decided he had had enough and dropped off the back.  As Alex and I closed out lap 16 we were lapped by the lead pack and jumped on their wheel in an attempt to make up some ground.  This only lasted through the hill climb as the pace was too strong for us to hang on.  Local skaters still in the lead pack only included Bovitz and Tom Peterson.

As Alex and I were closing the final lap we were surprised to find a very tired Justin Stelly alone on the final hill climb, he joined us for a short time but decided to drop off.  In the final mile we came upon Danny Frederick who joined us for the final mile of the race.  Danny and I decided to make a race of it and sprinted to the finish, only to tie at the end…a perfect ending to a very exhausting yet fun race! (I don’t even know my time as my Garmin fell off my wrist at mile 12.  I believe it was in the 3:33ish time frame). Gary was around 3:26, and Brent 3:16ish.


1. Gari Nikolay

2. Francisco Ramirez

3. Christopher Fiola


6. Eddy Matzger


In the 40-49 age division:

1. Brent Bovitz

2. Tom Peterson

3a. Mike DeZellar

3b. Danny Frederick


In the 50-59:

1. Constance Montepellier

2. Gary Johnson



1. Kara Peterson – she was the only woman left standing at the end of the race as Morgane Echardour dropped out.  To solo the 100k just days after being taken down in the NSIM is quite impressive.  Great job Kara!


Other notables:

Michael Mullery had an orange road cone kicked into him, on the first lap, and he went down – road rash only.  He took down Randy Landucci – who you can see in the background of one of the pictures (hopefully not the one in the red suit) – he looks okay.   Ryan Mullery stayed upright, but waited for the fallen and finished in approximately 3:42.

Greg Miller also skated.