Quotes of the Year

Thanks Dan

This is what happens when you decide to skate 20 more miles after a group skate and leave Collins unattended


Alright folks, we are going to slowly transition inlineskatemelissa back to inlineskatempls (our thoughts and prayers are still with Melissa and you can still submit a contribution and get a status update here).  Despite the rough ending to the season for some, there have been many good times.  Below you will find a few of the more memorable quotes that I recall, or that were provided to me.  Please add your own in the comments section below.

Where necessary the quotes are listed as “anonymous” to protect the guilty.

Anonymous Wave A skater after the NSIM:

  • I feel kind of like I woke up in an alternative universe yesterday morning. One where inline skating had become a contact sport where we were really just bumper cars on skates or we were in a dodge ball game where half the people were trying to take the rest of us out to thin out the crowd.

Anonymous after seeing non-operational windmills lining the road:

  • Windmills aren’t reliable.  If there is no wind then there is no power.  The way to go is gerbil power . . . it’s just as renewable and sustainable.

Ovid at the Metrodome:

  • Core for thirty.

David Sarmiento:

  • Glide.

Michael Mullery after losing to Ryan Mullery in St. Paul:

  • I have already taken the precaution of severely limiting his calorie intake, and lining up all kinds of yard work at strategic times so he’ll be missing quite a few practices.
  • He then added: In all seriousness though, I am very proud, he has been working hard and it’s been paying off.  Way to go Ryan!

Andy Uttke after losing to Ryan Mullery in St. Paul:

  • Delete that picture


Everyone to Ryan Mullery in Chicago:

  • The race is SIX laps! SIX! Keep Going!

Justin Stelly during the drive to Eau Claire:

  • What separates the good from the great is confidence.  You have to be able to stand at the line and know, just flat out know, that you are going to win the race.


Spider to Earl:

Andy Kostka:

  • Specific training promotes “specific” success.

Spider regarding Red Bull’s Crashed Ice:

  • Looks like a good sport for Uttke. He’s already got the equipment.


Andy Uttke to Ron Marfori at the Dome:

  • I think we just skated a 50 second lap.


Bike tire to trunk lid:

  • Thud


  • I’m kind of a big deal

Everyone to Dahms:

St. Paul National Anthem:

  • twilight’s last dreaming . . .

Uttkes & Dahlmanns to all of you:

  • Thank you.

Phil Moen to someone who allegedly resembled Randy Landucci:

  • Hi Randy!


Add your own favorite quote from the season below:

“Stick”, or “Sand”, “On your left biker!”

“Who’s up for another run up to Square Lake?”

“Tagaderm is half off at Walgreen’s”