Stelly Stomps Chicagoland


Sunday’s Marathon and Overall Luigino Tour Results:

On Sunday, skaters awoke to 86% humidity and a dew point of 73 degrees.  Though the radar looked slightly ominous, skaters only had to endure a light sprinkle and just enough moisture to make the first lap interesting, though manageable.  The cloud cover also kept the heat slightly at bay.

Minnesota had a good group in Chicago including  Brent Bovitz (TWINCAM), Earl Kendall (TWINCAM), Randy Landucci (TWINCAM), Ron Marfori (TWINCAM), Uttke (TWINCAM), Kurt Halverson (TWINCAM), Michael & Ryan Mullery (Max Muscle), Greg Miller (Midwest), Matt Larson (Adams Inline), Matt Robinson (TWINCAM), Melissa Dahlmann (Adams Test Team), Travis Lambert (Adams Inline), and David Swan (Adams Inline).

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Full Results now available here.

Advanced Marathon

Advanced skaters started early in the morning, finishing before any drops hit the ground – Ryan Mullery of Max Muscle did the Minnesota contingent proud, breaking away from the rest of the pack on the final lap for an easy victory and setting the bar high for his elders.  He went home with second in the overall advanced tour results, leaving him with ambitions of entering the elite open next year.  Nice work, Ryan!

1 RYAN MULLERY 1:23:58.0


Elite Men

Just like last year, the Elite Men’s race was completely dominated by a single skater who took off leaving everyone else in the dust.  Unlike last year, Joey Mantia was not in attendance.  This season Justin Stelly (1:07:53) was the one all alone.

The men’s elite pack got off to a fast pace (as points were awarded for the first three to finish the first lap).  Justin Stelly continued his dominance in the tour, breaking away early in the second lap.  Stelly told us  that he saw his chance on the hill out on the long straightaway and smoothly took off to skate solo for the rest of the race.   Jesse Pauly and Tanner Worley took second and third respectively in the chase pack several minutes behind (which also included Ty Fidler and Steffen Howard).    Overall, Stelly swept all three tour events,with Tanner Worley in second and Ty Fidler and Jesse Pauley tied in points for third (there was a little bit of confusion on some of the results immediately after the race, so folks will want to check the final postings on the results website.)

1. Justin Stelly, 1:07:53

2. Jesse Pauley, 1:09:25

3. Tanner Worely, 1:09:25

4. Ty Fidler, 1:09:25

5. Steffen Howard, 1:09:27


Elite Women

Janelle Cole made an impressive breakaway yet again in the marathon, sailing in solo to the finish on the final lap ahead of some of the men’s veteran skaters who had started several minutes ahead.  Melissa Dahlmann  looked strong throughout the race and finished just behind Morgan McKey  in third.  Overall, Cole swept the women’s tour, Dahlmann took second place.

1. Janelle Cole,1:17:42

2. Morgan McKey, 1:19:32

3. Melissa Dahlmann,1:19:33



Men’s Masters

Ron Marfori lost the marathon to Craig Rodriguez by just a skate length at the finish when Rodriguez surprised Marfori with a dash around at the finish line. But both Marfori (2nd place) and Andy Uttke (5th place) had a strong race, taking many of the pulls throughout to try and thin the herd. Overall, Rodriguez took first in the tour, with Jamie Linton in second and Ron Marfori in third.

1. Craig Rodriguez, 1:19:51

2. Ron Marfori, 1:19:51

3. Gary Blank, 1:19:51

4. Jamie Linton, 1:19:54

5. Andy Uttke, 1:19:58


Men’s Veterans

It was obvious from the start that the Veterans intended to catch the Masters before the race’s end, with Brent Bovitz setting a strong pace on the first lap.  The lead veterans pack did indeed surpass the Masters men, with Morgan Williams leading the pack in, followed by Norm Kirby.  Bovitz rounded out the finishing pack in fourth.  Initial result postings have Morgan Williams taking first in the overall tour, and Norm Kirby in second with Brent Bovitz somewhere in the top five, but there was again some confusion at the results desk.

1. Morgan Williams, 1:17:23

2. Norm Kirby, 1:17:23

3. LR Cole, 1:17:23

4. Brent Bovitz, 1:17:24

5. Chris Rojo, 1:17:24

6. Matt Robinson, 1:17:26

7. Mike DeZellar, 1:17:33

8. Michael Mullery, 1:18:12

9. Larry Kaufman, 1:18:41

10. Kurt Halverson, 1:19:15



Men’s Grand Vets

Hernan Diaz and Herb Gayle led the pack of about a dozen or so grand vet skaters to the finish line, with Cale Carvell finishing strong as well.  Diaz and Gayle were first and second in the overall tour results respectively, followed by Carvell.

1.Hernan Diaz, 1:20:32

2. Herb Gayle, 1:20:33

3. Lenny Wilcox, 1:20:34

7. Greg Miller, 1:20:39

12. Randy Landucci, 1:20:41

13. Earl Kendall, 1:20:43

Overall results for the Luigino Inline Tour can be found here.

Full Results now available here.

Thanks go out to all the volunteers, sponsors, Team Rainbo and Cale Carvell for another great year at the Chicagoland Inline Tour.  We look forward to seeing you all on local turf at the next race coming up in early August  – the St. Paul Inline Half Marathon.


Saturday Photo Gallery

Sunday Photo Gallery



Saturday Results:

Skaters slogged through the warm weather to compete in the first two events of the Luigino Inline Tour on Saturday afternoon.  The two-mile time trial course was rigorous with speedy technical turns and a substantial hill climb.  Skaters were sent off at 20 second intervals, which meant skaters had someone to chase – but knew someone was chasing them.  The Circuit race course was six laps around an acorn shaped course with two ninety degree turns  (click here for race course maps).

Saturday Photo Gallery

Sunday Photo Gallery

Minnesota had a strong contingent of Tour participants including  Brent Bovitz, Earl Kendall, Mike DeZellar, Ron Marfori, Uttke, Greg Miller, Matt Larson, Ryan and Michael Mullery, and Melissa Dahlmann.  Ryan Mullery was a force in the Advanced Division with an easy win in the time trial and a dominating performance for the first five laps of the six lap time trial.  Melissa Dahlmann had all she could handle against a formidable female contingent. She was second in the time trial and fifth in the 10k.


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Two Mile Time Trial:

Justin Stelly took first overall in the time trials with a blistering time of 4:44 over the two-mile course.  Janelle Cole led the women with a time of 5:20.

Elite Men’s Results:

1: 1 Justin Stelly 1239 1 M 0-99 M 25 04:44.1 02:22
2: 2 Tanner Worely 1248 2 M 0-99 M 14 05:00.9 02:30
3: 3 Peter Doucet 1208 3 M 0-99 M 34 05:05.1 02:32
4: 4 Ty Fidler 1250 4 M 0-99 M 30 05:07.9 02:33
5: 5 Ryan Weiderhold 1249 5 M 0-99 M 23 05:08.2 02:34
6: 8 Bill Numerick 1229 6 M 0-99 M 33 05:11.6 02:35
7: 9 Steffen Howard 1215 7 M 0-99 M 28 05:14.5 02:37
8: 12 Leonardo Frusteri 1259 8 M 0-99 M 05:19.9 02:39
9: 15 Jesse Pauley 1231 9 M 0-99 M 22 05:21.1 02:40
10: 18 Alex Fedak 1210 10 M 0-99 M 46 05:22.5 02:41
11: 20 Steve Meisinger 1226 11 M 0-99 M 29 05:24.2 02:42
12: 21 Joel Roop-Eckart 1236 12 M 0-99 M 17 05:25.4 02:42
13: 22 Micah Arnholt 1201 13 M 0-99 M 16 05:26.5 02:43
14: 26 Kent Sutherland 1241 14 M 0-99 M 24 05:32.8 02:46
15: 45 Zach Stoppelmoor 1240 15 M 0-99 M 13 06:04.8 03:02

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Full Results to be added here.

10K Circuit Race:

Justin Stelly took the 10K race for the Elite men in a sprint to the finish.  Janelle Cole won the 10K for the women with ease, after a breakaway at the end of the 4th lap.

Full Results now available here.