Baxter Inline Race Results

It was a beautiful morning and a great day for racing in Baxter.  Thanks to Terry and Jeanne Holm for putting on a great race, as usual.  If anyone has pictures, please send them to me at to post.


Full Marathon Women:

1st: Kara Peterson, Adam’s Inline

2nd:  Sarah Oftedahl, Midwest Skate Club

3rd:  Margo Carvell, Team Rainbo

Full Marathon Men:

1st:  David Sarmiento, Adam’s Inline

2nd:  Mike Anderson, Bont North America

3rd:  Herb Gayle, Aloe Up

Half Marathon Women

1st:  Kellie Petroskey, Midwest Skate Club

Half Marathon Men

1st:  Paul Meyering, Aloe Up