Baxter Race: Sarmiento Strikes Again

Though humid, skaters enjoyed plenty of sunshine for another good showing at the 2012 Baxter Inline Marathon (12 straight years without rain).  Approximately 150 skaters from the Midwest gathered to test their skills on the Holms’ well-kept course.

Women's Full Marathon Start, Baxter

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Full Marathon – Men:

Lead Men's Pack

No long accordion pack fighting it out to the finish this year; toward the end of the first lap, approximately 10 skaters separated from a larger pack to thin the herd.  Though the second pack attempted to catch the breakaway, they couldn’t quite close the gap.  Separation occurred again out in the rolling hills, as a break away pack of three skaters – David Sarmiento of Adam’s Inline, Mike Anderson, and Paul Dyrud of Hoigaards – took off on the back stretch of the second lap, leaving several strong skate packs chasing.

Roaring into the finish, Sarmiento wins his second race of the season at 1:13:55.4, about a stride ahead of Hoigaards’ Dyrud at 1:13:55.9.  Anderson rolled in just behind at 1:14:06.8.

About a minute back, a strong pack flew into the finish with Herb Gayle of Hoigaards in 4th, followed by Brent Bovitz of TWINCAM, Jeff Terwilliger and Andy Kostka of Hoigaards, along with Ron Marfori, Gary Johnson of TWINCAM.  Geoff Ash of TWINCAM came in shortly thereafter, then the next pack led by Andy Uttke of TWINCAM came down the home stretch.

1. David Sarmiento

2. Paul Dyrud

3. Mike Anderson

4. Herb Gayle

5. Brent Bovitz

6. Jeff Terwilliger

7. Andy Kostka

8. Ron Marfori

9. Gary Johnson

10. Geoff Ash

11. Andy Uttke

12. Mike DeZellar

13. Ovid Westin

14. Matt Meyer


Link to Updated Minnesota Inline Grand Prix Standings

There were some significant gaps in the groups arriving thereafter; we heard a number of people didn’t do their homework on the course and took some wrong turns, adding several extra miles to their race.  Skaters (Andy says) it is your job to know the race course.  Good news is that shouldn’t be a problem at Apostle Islands next weekend.

Ryan Beats Mullery the Elder(ly)

One of the bigger stories of the day (let’s face it – David winning isn’t exactly Earth shattering), was Ryan Mullery edging out his dad, Michael Mullery (a/k/a Mullery the Elder) for the very first time.  After the race Michael could be heard quietly mumbling (in both a resigned yet proud tone) “He beat me.”  He sounded a bit like Teddy KGB from Rounders.  Ryan has worked very hard and we roundly applaud him for what is a milestone achievement.  But Michael still leads him in the Minnesota Grand Prix standings (13th and 19th respectively).

48 Ryan Mullery M 16 Rosemount MN 23/78 23/64 2/4 1:21:38.7
39 Chris Lomen M 24 Minneapolis MN 24/78 24/64 2/3 1:21:39.9
71 Jack Wussler M 58 St.Paul MN 25/78 25/64 9/21 1:21:43.5
315 Comrade Thomas M 45 Chanhassen MN 26/78 26/64 6/19 1:21:47.6
47 Michael Mullery
M 47 Rosemount MN 27/78 27/64 7/19 1:21:49.2

Full Marathon – Women:

Taking a Breather Downhill

For the women, Kara Peterson of Adam’s Inline retains her Baxter inline crown, putting in a fine showing at 1:23:52 and shaving 4 minutes off last year’s time.  Adam’s swept the women’s podium, with teammates Melissa Dahlmann and Sarah Brown crossing the finish at 1:31:40 and 1:35:19 respectively.

1. Kara Peterson

2. Melissa Dahlmann

3. Sarah Brown

4. Rebekah Dyrud

5. Christina Larson-Dickson

6. Margo Carvell

7. Maribeth Thayer

8. Karen Smith

9. Mary-Jo Howland

10. Jana Davis

Half Marathon results and 8K

Sarah Gutknecht - Women's Half Marathon Winner

Pat Melby won the Men’s Half Marathon and Sara Gutknecht of Max Muscle took the honors for the Women’s Half. The Peterson dynasty continues as Jesse Peterson, age 9, won the 8K.

Click here to link to the official race results.

Thanks to the Holms and all their volunteers for putting on another great race.  We’ll look forward to seeing you all in the next Inline Grand Prix event next weekend – The Apostle Islands Marathon.