Randy Plett Injured in Bike Accident

Photo Courtesy of Herb Gayle

Skating superstar Randy Plett was injured in a road race in Winnipeg on Thursday, May 28th.  He is hospitalized in Winnipeg, awaiting surgery on Monday for a broken neck (C 6 & 7).  Fortunately he is expected to make a full recovery. 


His wife Lorraine says he is doing much better today, with his pain in better control.  Though they’ll start all over with that on Monday after the surgery.  After surgery comes the arduous road of rehabilitation.  If Randy tackles rehab like he has his other sporting endeavors with his great attitude and spirit of competition, I’m sure he’ll do fine.


You may send cards and well wishes to:

20 Fernleaf Dr.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

R2M 4R4


The accident occurred during a local road race.  As the pack was rounding a corner to the finish line, Randy was hit a few times by a racer trying to pass on the left—when there was no room to do so.  Randy was holding onto his position when he noticed his tire was punctured and realized he wouldn’t be able to make the turn.  He yelled out he was heading for the grass.  He hit the grass just so and was thrown from his bike and took the full impact of the crash on the top of his head.  Lorraine said his clothes weren’t even dirty (other than sweat I’m sure)!    


Randy and Lorraine’s three children are doing well considering.  I imagine it is difficult for them to see their active father in the hospital.  Lorraine still has her great sense of humor.  When I first spoke with her she said,  “that’s what happens when people branch out to new sports”. 


Randy—we’re all praying for you to have a successful surgery and a speedy recovery!