Timing Chip Issues Can’t Stop Records From Falling



Record Speed

What may have been the final running of the Metrodome Inline Marathon (e.g. the stadium might be reduced to rubble, the Mayans might be right, the asteroid might hit us, the President might [fill in the blank] . . .) was unfortunately plagued by timing issues.  Despite the technical difficulties, skaters were flying! Records were flattened in both the individual and team time trial races.

Here is a link to the Photo Gallery (if you have some you would like to include let me know).

Timing Malfunction:

One of the stories of the day (aside from the 80 degree temperatures outside) was the timing equipment malfunction during the individual marathon.  The equipment was able to keep track of lap times, but could not display the number of laps a skater had completed.  Announcements during the final laps of the race warned skaters to keep skating until they were certain they had finished the necessary laps.  Final results were significantly delayed, but Final Official Results can be found here.

The problem?

pttiming.com Event Manager and Owner, Sean Gavigan, wishes to express his sincere apologies for the timing issues.

“Between 9:40:00 AM and 9:40:40 AM the timing box crashed and rebooted itself.  As a result no times were recorded during that 40 second window.  This was the reason we were unable to provide lap times to the announcer.  However, because we have all of the data before and after that period of time, it is fairly easy to look at the lap time data and determine which skaters crossed the finishline without being recorded during that time period.”

It seems clear that pttiming is taking this issue seriously and has made every attempt to ensure accuracy.

Final Official Results can be found here:

Individual Marathon

Team Time Trial

Half Marathon

All Results can be found here.

The Days Top 10 Times:

1. Ron Marfori (TWINCAM) 1:09:39

2. Andy Uttke (TWINCAM) 1:09:41

3-6.  Adams Test Team (David Sarmiento, Matt Meyer, Kara Peterson, Danny Frederick) 1:09:42

7-10. Pinnacle / Synergy (Ty Fidler, Bill Numerick, Brian Oswald, Jeffery Neal) 1:10:02


Individual Marathon Results

One has to feel a little sorry for Ron Marfori.  Has there been a more anti-climactic win in recent memory?  No trophy, no awards ceremony, no smiling photo op.  Nonetheless, congratulations to Ron on a job very well done.  Recent trends suggests he won’t hold the record for long though (see the chart below). 

Male Pro:

1. Ron Marfori  1:09:39 (NEW OVERALL RECORD)

2. Andy Uttke 1:09:41

3.  Steve Meisinger  1:10:29

4. Andy Peper  1:11:54 (this time would have won by a minute last year)

5. Hernan Diaz 1:12:00

6. Earl Kendall 1:12:04

7. David Swan 1:12:29

8. John Shenko 1:13:13

9.  Greg Miller 1:13:35

10.  Todd Schneider 1:14:04

11. John Schulte 1:14:24

12.  Randy Landucci 1:14:26

13. Jack Wussler 1:14:57

These are incredible times.  See the chart at the very bottom of the page, which shows winning and record times over the years.


Female Pro:

1. Sarah Brown (1:14:05)

Sarah was the only “official” female pro entrant . . . and she rocked it! Tremendous job by Sarah.  The only times I saw her on the course she was alone and still skated an amazing 1:14  Just a few years ago that would have won the entire event.  (In 2009 that would have been one minute ahead of David Sarmiento’s winning time.)


The Open:

Female Open:

1. Mackenzie Brandt 1:22:01

2.  Mari Beth Thayer 1:23:25

3. Tibor Gyorfi 1:25;04

4.  Lauretta Hassan 1:27:23

5. Trisha Kaufman 1:28:56

Male Open:

1. Doug Orman 1:19:02

2. Andrew Beeson 1:21:10

3. Tim O’Donnell 1:21:10

4. Travis Lambert 1:21:42

5. Samuel Gyorfi 1:21:47

6. Tom Brandt 1:22:10

7. Bruce Sienkowski 1:24:26

8. Chris Loman 1:24:47

9. Ron Anderson 1:25:13

Half Marathon:

Congratulations to Jeff Steltz for winning the Half Marathon – it was his first trip to the Dome this winter.  Congratulations also to the young women, ages 18 and 19, for finishing first and second in the ladies event.


1. Jeff Steltz 42:51

2. Bobby Tolley 43:55

3. Mark Burgeson 48:29

4. Jonathon Reuter 49:05

5. Michael Pekarik 49:34


1. Paige Burgeson 45:44

2. Britian Conley 49:01

3. Julie Higgins 51:28

4. Alexi Glowaski 51:54

5. Emma Peters-Axtell 53:54


Official Results can be found here:

Individual Marathon

Team Time Trial

Half Marathon



Individual Race Recap:

Record Speed

The Dome is a tricky and challenging race with many idiosyncrasies.  But speed is still speed.

Start times were determined the night before the race via a random draw.  Skaters were then let onto the course in intervals of approximately five seconds.

Ron Marfori started the marathon just one person behind me.  In the first few meters I closed the gap on John Schulte and Earl Kendall, who started directly before me, and waited for Ron to join us.  Once I heard “I am on” from Ron . . . we were off.

Steve Meisinger joined us early in the race and the three of use did our best to navigate traffic (and wheel suckers).  Steve is an incredibly strong and conscientious skater.  He went from the rear of our pace line to the front with relative ease on more than one occasion.

Despite not fielding a team in the Team Time Trial, a large group of Midwest Skate Club members worked together throughout the event with great success.  Rainbo skaters, who made the trip from Chicago, were also well represented in the field.  Former individual champion Dave Swan was flying early and hung in there for a solid finish.

Record Crowds Too . . .

Despite stating the Marathon was capped at 200 total entrants (even urging skaters to register early to secure a spot), the starting field at the Dome was near 250 skaters.  The crowded concourse caused many pace lines to move in fits and starts as slower skaters scrambled to the right to let the faster pace lines go by.

There were no prerequisites for who could enter Wave 1, which meant skaters of various skill levels shared the concourse.  The lead pack zipped around at speeds that averaged over 22 MPH, while others took a more leisurely “day on the trail” pace.  (Breaking the skaters into more waves would have been great.)

More skaters, though, is never a bad thing for our sport.  Lets hope this is a positive sign for the season ahead.

New skaters should be sure to poke around on this website for information about organized group skates, where to buy inline skates, and to learn about the many other inline events this summer.  Also take note of links to inline retailers, coaching/training, and local trails.

Here is a link to the Photo Gallery.


Team Time Trial:

The timing issues that plagued the individual race were cured by the time the TTT got underway.

Adam’s Test Team had the lead and speed from the get-go.

Adam’s was first out of the gate and set a blistering pace, passing both Pinnacle/Synergy and Hoigaards within the first 20 laps.  Pinnacle, lead by former Adams Inline skater Ty Fidler, managed to hang behind Adam’s for a fair amount of the time, losing Hernan Diaz somewhere about 45-50 laps in.  Hoigaards lost Chad Johnson early in the race due to cramps.

Adam’s finished first with a time of 1:09:40 and did not lose a man until just before the end when Tom Peterson dropped.  Pinnacle took second 20 seconds behind with a very strong finish.

Max Muscle making the podium in this strong of a field should not go without mention. Mike DeZellar has been skating incredibly well of late.  Cannon Valley had a nice showing, and we always appreciate seeing the Rainbo folks make the trip.

All ten teams finished in under 1:25, which is impressive.

TTT Results:

(late race substitutions denoted in ** below)

1. Adams Test Team (1:09:42)

    • David Sarmiento, Matt Meyer, *Danny Frederick*, Tom & Kara Peterson
      • Marfori’s 1:09:39 Sets the New Overall Course Record

2. Pinnacle Racing / Synergy (1:10:02)

    • Ty Fidler, Bill Numerick, Jeffrey Neal, Brian Oswald, Hernan Diaz

3. Max Muscle #1 (1:13:25)

    • Dan Collins, Phil Moen, Mike DeZellar, Michael Mullery, Paul Meyering

4. Hoigaards (1:13:53)

    • Ovid Westin, Andy Kostka, *Herb Gayle*, Paul Dyrud, Chad Johnson

5.  Cannon Valley Speed (1:15:15)

    • John Schulte, Earl Kendall, Lance Velander, Randy Landucci, Jack Wussler

6.  Adams Inline Town Team #1 (1:19:42)

    • Cortney Johnson, Bill Smith, Lois Swanberg, Alex Harvey, Mike Bernhagen

7.  Media Machine (1:21:39)

    • Steve Zweber, Jim Duethman, Jim Sokolowski, Gary Yanagita, Sarah Gutknecht

8. Rainbo (1:22:35)

    • Margo & Cale Carvell, John Sherwin, Thomas Gosspietsch, Larry Kaufman

9. Max Muscle #2 (1:23:45)

    • Dan “Spider” Thomson, Rayna Meyer, Matt Dickson, Michael Dahms, Ryan Mullery

10.  Adams Inline Town Team #3 (1:24:35)

    • Robert McLaughlin, Paul Foss, Robert Davis, John Strachota, Christopher Nelms



Record Trends:

Records have not been safe for long at the Metrodome the past couple of years.  New records are in bold.  As you can see below, a new individual race record has been set four of the last five years.  A new team time trial record has been established each of the last two seasons.




2012 1:09:39 1:09:42
2011 1:12:47 1:11:46
2010 1:13:48 1:13:14
2009 1:14:49 1:12:13
2008 1:14:39 1:15:50

Daily Double

A special note of congratulations goes out to the following skaters who completed both the Individual Marathon & the Team Time Trial.

John Schulte, Earl Kendall, Larry Kaufman, Jack Wussler, Cale Carvell.

Here is a link to the Photo Gallery.