The Rollerblade Rollerdome Race Run Up

The Minnesota Grand Prix Gets Underway:

Saturday, March 17th has long been circled on inliners’ calendars – for reasons other than St. Patrick’s Day.  The 8th Annual Metrodome Inline Marathon will get underway with the individual marathon waves at 9:00 and 10:30 A.M., and will be followed by the Team Time Trial at 1:15 P.M.

Here are a few reminders:

  • starting position will be based on random draw
  • skaters/teams will be sent off in 20 second intervals
  • teams must finish with at least four members
  • individuals can skate in pacelines of up to, but not to exceed, five
  • all skaters are reminded to stay to the right, except to pass
  • slower skaters PLEASE stay to the right
  • as always headphones are not allowed
  • the water stop is REQUIRED
  • drafting off another team is not allowed

How Fast Do I Have to Skate To Get . . . :

Here is a chart to help you figure out how fast your average lap will need to be to achieve your desired marathon time.  Keep in mind, the Metrodome Marathon requires a mandatory water stop.  One can expect the water stop (from slowing down, to slamming down the water, to accelerating back up to speed) to cost you at least 30-45 seconds.  Thus, if you would like to finish in 1:24 you will need your lap average, including the water stop, to be approximately 72 seconds (based on 70 laps).

Mike Cofrin has confirmed the following:

One lap around the upper concourse of the Dome is 605 meters.

605 meters x 70 laps = 42,350 meters

26.2 miles = 42,195 meters.

70 laps would be greater than the 26.2 miles.  Skaters pass the finish line 70 times, but one lap is shorter to reduce the race by 155 meters (42,350 – 42,195).  Skaters do not start and finish this event from the same point.  Skaters begin the race about 3/4 of a lap from the finish line, and the first time crossing the finish line counts as 1 lap.

Seconds Per Lap Finishing Time
60 1:10:00
62 1:12:20
64 1:14:40
66 1:17:00
68 1:19:20
70 1:21:40
72 1:24:00
74 1:26:20
76 1:28:40
78 1:31:00
80 1:33:20
82 1:35:40
84 1:38:00
86 1:40:20
88 1:42:40
90 1:45:00

Team Time Trial:

Will the Luck of the Irish be with the green machine or will Adam’s Test Team retain its crown?  Perhaps a dark horse will emerge.  Here are the teams I know of  (let me know of others):

  • Adams Test Team
    • David Sarmiento, Matt Meyer, Andrew Peper, Tom & Kara Peterson
  • Hoigaards
    • Ovid Westin, Andy Kostka, *Herb Gayle*, Paul Dyrud, Chad Johnson
  • Rainbo
    • Margo & Cale Carvell, John Sherwin, Thomas Gosspietsch, Steve Meisinger
  • Max Muscle #1
    • Dan Collins, Phil Moen, Mike DeZellar, Michael Mullery, Paul Meyering
  • Max Muscle #2
    • Dan “Spider” Thomson, Rayna Meyer, Matt Dickson, Michael Dahms, Ryan Mullery
  • Cannon Valley
    • John Schule, Earl Kendall, Lance Velander, Randy Landucci, Jack Wussler
  • Media Machine
    • Steve Zweber, Jim Duethman, Jim Sokolowski, Gary Yanagita, Sarah Gutknecht
  • Pinnacle Racing / Synergy
    • Ty Fidler, Bill Numerick, Jeffrey Neal, Brian Oswald, Hernan Diaz
  • Adams Inline Town Team #3
    • Robert McLaughlin, Paul Foss, Robert Davis, John Strachota, Christopher Nelms
  • Adams Inline Town Team #1
    • Cortney Johnson, Bill Smith, Lois Swanberg, Alex Harvey, Mike Bernhagen

Individual Marathon:

The individual marathon event will be headlined by Danny Frederick, Hernan Diaz, Ron Marfori, Sarah Brown, Melissa Dahlman, and the ageless wonders Jack Wussler and Ken Huss.

Last Year:

Individual: Ovid Westin 1:12:47

TTT: Adams Test Team 1:11:36

Last years race coverage can be found here, and here.


Post Race Per Dan Collins:

“Who should join us for chow? You should. And bring your kin. They’re welcome too.
Why: Because you’ll need some post race grub to refuel. You’ll also enjoy jabbering with other folks who did the race so strap on your feedbag, shovel some grub into your gullet and wash it down with a few beers along with the rest of the twin cities skating peeps. Don’t be a stranger.
Where: Maxwell’s, it’s only a few blocks from the Dome. They’ve got good cow, pig and poultry and they will cook it for no extra charge. They’ll even serve it on a plate.
What’s the address for Maxwell’s: It’s just a few blocks from the Dome. The address: 1201 Washington Avenue South, Minneapolis. Phone: 612-354-7085.
When: After the Dome marathon(s). Saturday, March 17, be there somewhere betwixt 3:30-4:00. The Team Time Trials start at 1:15 and should be done by around 3:15 and change. If you’re doing the individual race in the morning and don’t want to hang around for half a day, then come back later and join us at 3:30 or so.
Important Note: Bring quarters for the parking meters! 1 quarter gets you 15 minutes. Minneapolis is the towing capital of the world so don’t let them ticket or tow your car.  Or just park for free at the Dome and walk – it was only a marathon after all.”


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The Starting Order:

It is going to be an incredibly crowded field.  Slower skaters – and you know who you are – PLEASE stay to the RIGHT.  Please!

Here is the starting order for Wave 2 (10:30 A.M.)

Here is the starting order for the 1:15 P.M. Team Time Trial. Hoigaards gets a great draw and will get to chase down Adams. Note also the addition of a Pinnacle Team headed by Ty Fidler.  Currently a total of 10 teams.