New Year’s Resolutions – Remove the Cobwebs

These are NOT my skates. But if they look like yours then it might be time to get off the couch.  Skates are no place for cobwebs.

Make Your New Year’s Resolutions

Whether you are an experienced inline skater or a new inline skater, making resolutions (setting goals) for the season ahead is critical for success.  It’s imperative to have a target for which to aim.  For some folks that might mean finishing a marathon, period.  For others it might mean dropping your time a couple of minutes, or skating with the pack you couldn’t quite hang on to last season.  Either way, it’s important to recognize that success in June or August (or especially in March) is dependent upon good decisions now.  So put down that fork, or step away from the plates of cookies, and find your way to the gym, or the Dome, or whatever works for you.

The countdown (see the homepage) indicates the first event is now 11 weeks away.

Happy New Year – let’s hope the Mayans were wrong.

The 2012 Inline Calendar has been posted, we are still waiting for a couple of races to finalize their dates.

No, I am not going to say whose skates are depicted above.  I do hope to see that skater soon.