Many MN Skaters on the Podium in NY

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New York Inline Skate Marathon & 100k

Numerous Minnesota skaters headed east this weekend to test their mettle against the world’s finest skaters.  The NY event included a 5k, 21k, 42k, and the infamous 100k.  The race took place in Prospect Park in Brooklyn.  The highlighted road loop is a bit over 5k and includes a substantial hill.  Skaters of the 100k (62 miles) climbed the hill 19 times.  After raining for much of the week, it appears the torrent subsided long enough for a fairly dry race.  In the pictures (below), the road appears to be fairly dry and smooth.

MN skaters had a strong showing with multiple skaters on the podiums.  David Sarmiento “skated his way into shape” this season and overcame some early season obstacles to have back-to-back impressive performances in Duluth (6th) and New York (6th).  His teammate Kara Peterson showed again that she is the state’s premier female racer with an impressive podium finish behind a French Inline Cup champion, and the always impressive Marcy Turek (a/k/a Queen of the Hills).

Gary Johnson and John Schulte continued their solid seasons with yet another top of the vets podium finish.  Brent Bovitz, however, appears to be the MN star of the day with an impressive 11th place overall finish and first in the Masters Division.  Thank you to John Schulte for e-mailing the pictures.

** Wall Street Journal Coverage of the Event w/ interview of Danny Frederick and David Sarmiento **

NYC Inline Race Day Photos (courtesy of John Schulte)


100K Overall

1. Julien Sourisseau (France) (3:09:55)

2. Carlos Puerta (Columbia) (3:10:12)

3. Pablo Santamaria (3:15:51)

4. Eddy Matzger (3:15:51)

5. Luis Carlos Mejia (Columbia) (3:16:23)

6. David Sarmiento (MN via Columbia) (3:17:19)

7.Jerome Comtois-Urbain (3:19:26)

8. Francisco Ramirez (NJ via Columbia) (3:21:27)

9. Sergio Almeralla (Canada via Mexico) (3:21:28)

10. Gilmer Londono (3:22:28)

11. Brent Bovitz (3:24:59)

15. Danny Frederick (3:26:53)

20. Gary Johnson (3:28:16)

21. John Schulte  (3:28:20)

. . .

26. Kara Peterson (3:41:06) *

30. Andy Kostka (3:47:55)

31. Randy Landucci (3:47:56) (3rd in Pro Grand Vets)

35. Nadine Curry Jackson (3:53:04) *

Complete  results posted here: 100k results, 42k Marathon (see below)


1. Brent Bovitz (3:24:59)

2. Jochen Glasbrenner  (3:24:59)

3. Danny Frederick (3:26:53)



1. Gary Johnson

2. John Schulte

3. Jim McKee

Marcy Turek and Kara Peterson

100K Female

1. Jessica Gaudesaboos (Belgium) (3:39:28) (not pictured)

2. Marcy Turek (3:40:09)

3. Kara Peterson (3:41:06) Great Job!


The NY Marathon (for those who didn’t want to skate for 3 . . . or 4 hours)

1. Gustavo Naula (1:22:31)

2. Amit Singh

3. Daniel Amado

. . .

11. Phil Moen (1:30:24)

. . .

15. David Swan (1:30:52)

. . .

36. Keaton Moen (1:43:59)

52. Ken Huss (1:52:09)


Minnesota skaters competing included:


Phil Moen

Dave Swan

Ken Huss

Keaton Moen


David Sarmiento

Andy Kostka

Ron Marfori (DNF)

John Schulte

Danny Frederick

Tom Peterson (DNF)

Kara Peterson

Gary Johnson

Brent Bovitz

Randy Landucci

Click here for the complete list of entrants.