Racer Profile–Dan “Apeshit” Collins

Photo Credit: Marlin Perkins, Jr.

Hometown: Leopoldville, Democratic Republic of Congo

Age: 315 dog years

Team Affiliation: Flanders

How Long Racing: A whole bunch of years, give or take a few or so.

Favorite Race: Big Granite because they have best bananas at the end, and the oval races because I like skating in circles.

Racing Highlights: Every race without a crash and road rash.  And Big Granite when I made it down the big hill going backwards with my eyes closed.

How did you get into skating/racing? I got into skates by first putting on my socks, then putting on the skate with the toe pointing forward, lacing it, then the other foot…racing started when I finally put the wheels on.

Who do you like to skate with during a race? Clydesdales who are fast and don’t mind pulling.  If I can’t keep up, then Clydesdales who are slow and don’t mind pulling.  And, of course, the Flanders monkeys, wherever they may be.

What advice would you give for someone just getting into inline racing? Stay upright.  When you use the porta-potty at the start put some t.p. down to avoid splash-back; that blue stuff makes for a nasty stain.  Technique trumps equipment.

Anything else? If you’re at the bar and someone orders you drink called a toe-flickin wheelsucker, Andy did it.