The Summer Inline Series Wrap-Up

Oval racing wrapped up for the season on Wednesday, August 31, 2011.  Some standings were already set in stone before the night of racing got under way.  For example, Jesse Peterson could not be caught in the standings (although Cole Schulte really surged the second half of the summer). Similarly, Melissa Dahlmann had perfect points (first place every night) and obviously could not be caught.  Ryan Mullery was also comfortably ahead in the Fitness Division.

The Final Standings and Prizes:


1. Jesse Peterson ($250.00 Pierce Gift Certificate)

2. Cole Schulte (MPC Street Fighter Wheels + Bones REDS Bearings)

3. Isaac Bryant (MPC Street Fighter Wheels + Bones Hat)

On the final night Cole Schulte dominated, but Jesse Peterson’s strong start to the season was just too much for Cole to overcome.  Congrats also to Isaac who appeared on the scene late in the season but consistently finished in the top three.


1. Ryan Mullery ($250.00 Pierce Gift Certificate)

2. Ken Bridgeman (MPC Street Fighter Wheels + Bones REDS Bearings)

After winning the Youth Division last summer, Ryan Mullery moved up to the Fitness Division this season.  Wearing the Bonts he won as last year’s winner, Ryan shredded the competition in the Fitness category.  Next year Ryan will be racing Advanced . . . which means Michael Mullery will have to be on his game. Note: only two prizes were awarded in this division because only two skaters from that division were present this evening.  Smith, Burgeson, and Engel missed their shot at the podium.


1. Randy Landucci [$250.00 Nistevo (Luigino/Atom Wheels) Gift Certificate]

2. Michael Mullery (MPC Street Fighter Wheels + Bones Swiss Bearings)

3. Lance Velander (MPC Street Fighter Wheels + Bones Hat)

Landucci and Mullery were portrayed last week in the feature image on the SIS story.  In that photo, Randy was coming around the outside on the turn to make the pass – and he was able to hold off the motivated Michael Mullery.  Lance Velander’s hard work and extra hours paid dividends with an impressive podium finish.  Congrats to three great guys.


1. Melissa Dahlmann *PERFECT POINTS* (Bont Z Package)

2. Sarah Brown (MPC Street Fighter Wheels + Bones REDS Bearings)

3. Kaari Cox (MPC Street Fighter Wheels + Bones Hat)

It was impressive to watch the ice speed skater, Melissa Dahlmann, gracefully navigate the oval.  The technique honed on the ice transferred well to the Oval’s racing style and she impressively dominated the Female Division – every week.  Sarah Brown took second.  Apparently Sarah is going to go by Sarah Brown, rather than Sarah Oftedahl Brown, after a prior post referenced her unfortunate initials.  Another ice speed skater claimed a spot on the podium as Kaari Cox’s (tie guy) technique transferred equally well from ice to inline.


1. Andy Kostka [$250.00 Nistevo (Luigino/Atom Wheels) Gift Certificate]

2. Tom Peterson (MPC Street Fighter Wheels + Bones Swiss Bearings)

3. Ron Marfori (MPC Street Fighter Wheels + Bones Hat)

Ron Marfori and Greg Miller tied for third place.  The tie breaker favored the skater who scored the most points that night, which was Ron.  These two were just a single point behind Tom Peterson.  Andy Kostka, with the assistance of teammate Jeff Terwilliger tonight, continued to lead the way and walked away with the Leader’s Jersey.

Thank you to the John Rose Oval, Midwest Skate Club, Bont, Luigino, Pierce, Atom Wheels, MPC Speed, Bones Bearings, and all the volunteers and organizers who made the Summer Inline Series possible.  Oval racing is tremendous interval training, a nice diversion from the usual trail training, a competitive but friendly and welcoming atmosphere, and a great way to track your progress throughout the season.  For those (including myself) who were unable to attend regularly this season: consider making time on Wednesday nights next summer for the Summer Inline Series at the John Rose Oval.