Arachnophobia – Spider’s B-day Skate

Celebrating 50 years with 50 miles

Sunday morning 22 guys and gals celebrated Dan Thomson’s (aka “Spider”) 50th Birthday by skating and biking over 50 miles around the Twin Cities metro area trails.  Given it was going to be a hot and steamy day, they started early over by Whole Foods and the Lake Calhoun area and made their way over to St. Paul’s Harriet Island, where I was waiting with lots of Gatorade and snacks to keep them going the rest of their long trek.

After waiting for a few stragglers who took unintended scenic detours and several sweaty hugs to the Gatorade girl (next time, guys, just a verbal thank you from about 3 feet away will be GREAT), the group pushed on back towards Minneapolis.  Andy said skaters were delayed by one of the bikers experiencing a flat tire . . . he added, it was a good thing so many of the skaters were carrying along a spare one.

The lead pack (in the no-drop skate . . . ) of Schulte, Twiggs, Kendall, Marfori,  Bovitz, and Uttke completed the stop filled 50 miles in just under 3 hours.  All skaters made it around the Twin Cities safely . . . until Michael Mullery took out his son – both are expected to recover quickly and be ready for next weekend.

I’m sure they had lots of fun while setting up their ready-made excuses for next weekend’s half-marathon in St. Paul, and it was great to see so many folks voluntarily come out on such an adventure – kudos to ANYONE who is up for skating 50 miles and happy birthday, Spider! May you enjoy many more miles on those wheels…well, or on the new ones you’re going to have to get after chewing up that many miles!