The Most Popular Posts


Randy Plett's 2009 Neck X-ray has had exactly 302 prior posts since Martha originated the site  in 2008 (about one month before I even started inline speed skating.)

Martha covered virtually (pun intended) every race and newsworthy inline story in the upper Midwest over that time. We have attempted to do the same since we took the helm earlier this year.

One of the things that caught my eye when I saw behind the curtain was the list of the most popular posts.

Over the years we can all conjure images of dramatic races that are likely to have attracted a great many hits:

But those types of tremendous accomplishments will not get you to the top of the list of the most popular stories on inlineskatempls.

The two most popular stories in the history of the website are:

1. Randy Plett Injured in Bike Accident (June 2009)

2.  Andy Uttke Fractures his Clavicle (June 2010)

Clearly skaters love carnage – there is no doubt about that.  The gap between these two stories and the third most popular post – which is non-crash related – is like the gap between Joey Mantia and the rest of the field.  Apparently the more serious the injury the more popular the post.

Skaters love blood.  But I want to think there is more to it than that.  I want to think we are also a small niche community that may have its differences from time to time, but at its core is a family that cares about each other.  I’d like to think those stories garnered attention because people in our inline community cared about Randy and I, and wanted to know we would be alright.  We celebrate each others accomplishments and use them as motivation as we pursue our own inline goals.  But when one of our own is in need I’d like to think we all rally to their aid.

Or maybe we really are just a blood thirsty brood . . .

Randy and I raced together in June at the Baxter Inline Marathon.  Randy finished one second behind the winner.  I was less than a second and a half behind Randy.  Coming back from injury is challenging and grueling – but returning to the podium is incredibly fulfilling.  Thank you to those who supported us and encouraged us along the way.  Its great to be back . . . in front of you! ; )

baxter-inline-marathon-6-11-11-306 baxter-inline-marathon-6-11-11-304

Don’t forget about Randy’s upcoming North of the 49th Inline Marathon on August 28th, 2011 in beautiful Bird Hill Provincial Park outside Winnipeg.