MN Inline Grand Prix After Five Events


Andy Kostka is leading the pack after five events in the 2011 MN Inline Grand Prix.

After both Metrodome Races, Grand Old Days, the Baxter Inline Marathon, and the Apostle Islands Inline Marathon, Andy Kostka (who competed in all five events) has been the model of consistency.  Matt Meyer (four events) and David Sarmiento (three events), however, are posting a higher points per race average and may eventually endanger Andy’s reign at the top.

Also notable is the dominance of the 50-54 age category, which currently has three skaters in the top 7 (John Schulte, Greg Miller, and Phil Moen – all of whom have competed in four events).

Sarah Brown (four events) currently ranks 14th overall and is first among the ladies, followed by Kara Peterson (three events), and Margo Carvell (three events).  Ryan Mullery (16th overall) is dominating the 17 and under category and is not all that far behind Pops.

Among the skaters competing in three events so far David Sarmiento, Brent Bovitz, and Gary Johnson rank as the top three.

The leaders for skaters competing in two events include Danny Frederick, Ovid Westin, Randy Plett, and Herb Gayle.

Special thanks to Martha for running the numbers.

Full standings can be found on the 2011 MN Inline Grand Prix page.