Apostle Island Inline Marathon Foolishly Cancelled Again


Today, February 18, 2021, the Apostle Islands Inline Marathon announced it is cancelling the June inline marathon due to Covid.  The announcement below doesn’t specifically says Covid, but Mary confirmed it over the phone.   I was advised the town wasn’t comfortable and to keep the towns support in future years the town dictates this years decision.  The event does plan to continue in future years at the same location, potentially someday with a newly paved section, and next year with a new timing chip company (recall how pathetic it has been the past few years).

A year ago decisions were made based on fear of a potentially catastrophic illness.  Now decisions are made for reasons that defy science and logic.  You have an over 99 % chance of surviving Covid.  1/2 of 1% i.f.r globally.  You are more likely to die driving to and from the event, than to die of Covid contracted at the outdoor race.  Just this week, the radical leftist Minnesota Governor is reopening schools.  To cancel an outdoor event, four months in advance, due to Covid, is foolish.    One has to feel for the businesses, the restaurants and lodging establishments, that will miss out on thousands in revenue due to poor decision making.

Let’s hope the other inline events have a better understanding of math.  Now 11 months into “Two weeks to flatten the curve.”

Larry, Moe, & Curly


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Also, pitchers and catchers reported to Spring Training this week.  But you can’t skate.