2020 Inline Year In Review

The season kicked off with the Apostle Island Inline Marathon being cancelled 75 days before it was to occur.  The MN Half was next to cave in and pull the plug.  Roll For the Roses decided to plow the flowers under a few week later.  In June, Rollin On the River decided it was too dangerous to race through their corn fields.  In late July, the North Shore Inline Marathon finally announced its previously made decision to cancel the race.  Quite a few of these events tried to capitalize by holding ridiculous “virtual events”, and had the temerity to charge for the option to not skate the race.  It is amazing they had the cajones to attempt the money grab, but didn’t have the courage to hold their outdoor events.

In 2020 it wasn’t terrible timing chip companies providing flawed numbers, instead it was the public that failed to comprehend the infection fatality rate.  If you are under 70 and don’t have underlying conditions you had a 99% chance of survival.  But the public wasn’t about to let the facts get in the way of a good panic.  Condolences to those that lost someone.

The only inline event on the calendar to actually occur was the Summer Inline Series.  The only race organizer or director with the courage to run an event in 2020 event was . . . me.  Every Wednesday skaters took to the starting line.  Over the course of the summer we had more than 65 skaters competing in the GMSA Summer Inline Series sponsored by Adam’s Inline.

How many of our skaters died from Covid you ask?


How many got sick?


How many skaters were wearing masks?


2020 Minnesota Inline Grand Prix Winners:

As the only event to be contested was the Summer Inline Series, its winners win the 2020 MIGP.

  • Melissa Dahlmann wins first place female and first place overall.  She won in dramatic fashion, but you missed that hiding in your basement.
  • Joshua Krieter wins the Men’s Competition.  Congrats.

Previous Seasons: