Roll For The Roses Cancelled For Some Reason

Oval Bails:

As of May 16th, the number of deaths allegedly attributed to Corona virus in Minnesota is 683.  The median age of the dead is 83 years old (90% over the age of 70, see  554 of the 683, or 81% of the dead were in long term care facilities, like nursing homes and assisted living.  Buried in the bottom paragraph of a recent Star Tribune article was what should have been the headline:  “Among all deaths, more than 98% involved people who were older or had underlying health conditions.” That means, if you aren’t in a nursing home and you don’t have a significant underlying health condition you are incredibly unlikely to die from Covid.   How many entrants in an inline event fall into those two categories?

Age Group Data from MN Department of Health:

The general population is not dying from this, the old and infirm are. We should protect the at risk groups, while the rest of us live our lives.  The flu is a fact of life. In 2017 the flu/pneumonia was the 9th leading cause of death in Minnesota. 697 Minnesotans died from the flu in 2017. According to the CDC 80,000 died from the flu the winter of 2017-2018. Recall we were not on government mandated lock down in 2017.

Additionally, there is little chance of outdoor transmission.   Our benevolent overlords permit us to walk around outside, and permit us to walk around the grocery store.  The risks of infection is infinitely greater in Wal-Mart than on a road skate.

Wisconsin held a primary election a few weeks ago. Half-a-million people in Wisconsin physically went to the polls. This was the largest congregation of people in the country in months. There was NO spike in disease transmission or deaths in Wisconsin (reports say 36 people out of half-a-million got sick or 0.0072%).

Schools in Montana reopened on May 7th.  Have you seen any news coverage of that momentous event?  Of course you haven’t, but why?  Isn’t it incredibly newsworthy that thousands of kids and teachers have been back in the classroom for weeks and they aren’t all falling ill?  Isn’t that a more important data point that whatever Fauci vomits up at a press conference?

Despite all of those facts, the City of Roseville embraced the panic and cancelled the Roll For The Roses.  Presumably they will extend the closure of the Oval as well.