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Dear Governor Walz,

The hardworking people of Minnesota can be trusted to earn an honest living — and protect ourselves and others from COVID-19 — without a statewide stay-home mandate.

This executive order is causing irreparable harm to our communities and our economy. Livelihoods have been lost, businesses have closed permanently, mental health has declined, important health care treatments and surgeries have been delayed, and hospitals are rapidly becoming insolvent.

The Minnesota Department of Health’s own COVID-19 model indicates that older people and those with underlying conditions are most at risk, and that the current stay-home order will not save any lives compared to adopting a modest reduction in contacts until the end of the epidemic.

Therefore, I am calling on you to end the current stay-home order for good when it expires on May 4th. State government must provide citizens, businesses, and workers with the necessary tools and guidelines to operate safely, but allow us to get back to work. Our families and communities depend on it!


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