Apostle Island becomes Adams Island



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Over 400 skaters registered for the second annual Apostle Islands Inline Marathon (Baxter had 150 registrants); however, a slightly smaller number actually laced up their skates for the rain marred event.  The usually torrid island pace was slowed dramatically by overnight showers and persistent drizzle; however, the course began to dry out as the race progressed.

Video from Madeline Island:

Mike DeZellar wore his GoPro Helmet Cam during the Apostle Islands Marathon.  Check out the video here.

John Schulte’s Pro Vet Race Report:

John Schulte

In spite of the wet pavement on Madeline Island, I heard very few complaints about the conditions prior to the race.  Many racers and their families were huddled under the Rec Center canopy for last minute fuel consumption and skate lacing before the start.  Warm ups were kept short due to a light mist falling at race time. More traction and wheel testing was going on, rather than anyone trying to break a real warm up sweat. However, according to Barby, I was already stinky.

I will report mostly on the Pro Vet race that I participated in.

Our gun went off a few minutes after the Pro Open and Masters Men and Women went out.  We did not realize that Danny Frederick had done a face plant to the pavement around the spot of the first turn.  It was later reported to me that he was unable to get his palm sliders down in time, forcing his chin, cheek (face) and shoulder to the road.  After the race, we pointed to a herpes-esque lesion on his lip, and warned Cole:  “Be careful who you kiss.”

Had us old folks known about that crash, we might have been even more cautious at the start.  In spite of the slicker conditions, I did not witness any crashes in our Pro Vet and Grand Vet groups.  After the gun, the start was brisk, but cautious.  Caution prevailed throughout the race, especially on the many right turns.  The start pace was steady with the front half-dozen trading off pulls for most of the race.  When the front skaters started standing up… the well trained Mike Mullery would come from the back to rescue a more consistent pace with one of his many strong pulls.  Plett, Twigs, Collins, Moen, and DeZellar also had some notable pulls.  I remember short breaks by Dave Bartz and Jack Wussler that were reeled in.

After start of the third lap and at the first right turn after the start/finish line, a suddenly a substantial gap was created by the front half-dozen skaters.  This gap occurred on the a slight hill incline.  After the hill, I put my head down, pushed as hard as I could for what seemed like an eternity to catch that lead pack.  Many others followed, but a few were dropped at this point in the final lap.  Approximately two miles to the finish, the pace slowed down for the sprinters to get organized.

The race was mostly safe with only a few sloppy pace line transitions resulting in clicking skates but no real scares. Randy Plett’s first place finish cements his injury comeback.  Other notable comebacks include Phil Moen’s race, where he finished with the lead pack.  I also give kudos to Mike Mullery, whose hard training was really evident with his finish yesterday.  Mike probably had it in him, but was kind enough not to out-sprint me at the finish line.  Herb Gayle tells me he is still racing his way back to shape, but his third place finish behind Twigs is indicative of his sprinting prowess.

Pro Vet Finish order:

1. Randy Plett       1:16:22

2. Jeff Terwilliger

3. Herb Gayle

4. Dave Bartz

5. Gary Johnson

6. John Schulte

7. Mike Mullery


Overall Men’s Marathon:

David Sarmiento (Adams Inline) makes it back to back wins, with teammate Ty Fidler close behind.  Last years winner Danny Frederick (Adams), back in town for the event, takes third and fellow teammate Matt Meyer takes fourth.

1. David Sarmiento (Adams) 1:14:24

2. Ty Fidler (Adams) 1:14:25

3. Danny Frederick (Adams) 1:15:23

4. Matt Meyer (Adams) 1:15:24

5. Conrad Thomas (Hoigaards)

6. Brent Bovitz (Twin Cam)

7. Morgan Williams

8. Brian Oswald

9. Andy Kostka (Hoigaards)

10. Ron Marfori (Cannon Valley)


Overall Ladies Marathon:

1. Kara Peterson (Adams Inline) defends her crown . . . again. 1:15:56

2. Candy Wong (Asphalt Beach) 1:19:28

3. Nadine Curry Jackson (Asphalt Beach)

4. Sarah Brown (Midwest)

5. Rayna Meyer (Max Muscle)


Half Marathon Results:


1. Bob Losby (Adams Inline)

2. John Shenko


1. Cheri Uelman (Adams Inline)


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Here is a picture of Max Muscle . . . uh . . . not drinking Max Muscle.