Apostle Island Inline Marathon Cancelled Due to Flu

Thanks China!

Due to bat soup on the other side of the world, you don’t get to skate the Apostle Island Inline Marathon.  Summer is officially cancelled.  Race management made the decision to cancel the race 78 (seventy eight – not a typo) days before the event.  Rather than take the time to see what things look like as the race draws near, they chose to feed the hype and panic machine.  Here is the Apostle Island overreaction message that you may have received in your e-mail:

April 3, 2020
Good Afternoon Skaters,
It is with a heavy heart that I announce that we are going to cancel this year’s 2020 Apostle Islands Inline Marathon. We ALL have made sacrifices and are trying very hard to keep ourselves and loved ones safe and with that being said, we felt it necessary to cancel the race because things are so uncertain. We have been fortunate in Ashland County to have only one case of COVID-19 however, everyone says this will change as they see a peak coming in the next few weeks. We will probably continue to see lower numbers in our area, and because of this, our residents are extremely concerned about people coming into Ashland and Bayfield Counties from other parts of the nation in the near future. The Chequamegon Bay is not prepared at this point to handle large numbers of COVID -19 so we have decided for the well being of everyone involved to cancel this year’s race. JoAnn (blonde), Maribeth (brunette announcer), and I (redhead), ALWAYS look forward to this event and love seeing you. Many of you have become our friends through the years and although this was a very difficult decision to make, we know this IS the responsible thing to do!

Our race has always been a no-refund policy race, HOWEVER… In these conditions we will work with those that have registered for the 2020 race offering two options:

  1. Defer your registration to the 2021 because DOG- GONE – IT…. This will pass and WE WILL BE BACK!!
  2. Offer a refund of your race registration – less the credit card fees that you would have paid. $65.00 for the Full and ALMT and $15.00 for the Mad Skate.

If you have registered for the 2020 Apostle lslands Inline Race please respond to this email and let us know if you would like a refund or for us to push your registration to 2021.     info@visitashland.com.