Due to Wuhan Flu, Pacelines Replaced by Flying V


To comply with the government imposed “social distancing” standards allegedly necessitated by Corona virus, pacelines have been replaced by the Flying V. Doctor you have never heard of but suddenly implicitly trust more than Christ, also warned that the dangers of skating behind Dan Collins and Greg Miller are exacerbated by the “Chinese virus”. Skaters are advised to avoid being downwind and shield themselves from any potential bodily excretions from those skaters. Contact with either of their excretions will produce a result similar to that experienced by Dennis in the original Jurassic Park:


Skaters are further advised to closely monitor the government and “strenuously object” to draconian restrictions that have no scientific basis. The kill rate for the disease is likely to be less than 1% in America. Protect vulnerable persons, but resist restrictions on civil liberties. Freedom is more important than the flu. It is much easier to treat the flu than tyranny.

UPDATED: (4/8/2020)

I was just trying to be humorous with my Flying V Replaces Pacelines post, but now it is supported by science (for what that is worth).

Here is a UK Daily Mail article saying it is safer to run next to or in a staggered (flying V) formation than to run/skate directly behind someone. That should be fairly obvious to anyone that has skated behind Collins.

Here is the article: click here.