Asphalt Beach Skate Shop Destroyed by Tornado

Asphalt Beach skate shop was destroyed in the recent round of storms that hit the Nashville area.  Asphalt Beach is a well-known shop due to their sponsorship of a national speed skating team.  Their distinctive red, purple, and yellow uniforms grace many podiums throughout the season.  Some of those team members are Twin Cities based, including Connie Ecklund and Greg Miller.

Asphalt Beach says the following:

  • Asphalt Beach was destroyed by a tornado yesterday. Building and contents are a total loss. I was able to find our shop cats in the rubble & they are ok. Thanks to our awesome employees for showing up and helping through this thing. Hope we are not down too long. Thanks

A GoFundMePage was created to assist, but is currently suspended. I will post the address once it is verified as legitimate.