World Masters Marathon in Duluth?

Per Danny Frederick:


I am trying to get as many people to respond to this little survey. Hopefully we can get at least a hundred people to respond and maybe get World Masters Marathon in Duluth!
Dear Masters Inline Skaters of the USA:
I am finding myself in the middle of an international discussion about the World Master Marathon. I have been asked to conduct a short survey of the “US Masters” by the World Federation.
Facebook seems to be the best way to reach as many potential participants as possible. Please forward this email address ( to ALL Master age participants that you know (35+ age indoor and outdoor inline skaters) and ask them to email me. I will send them a link to the survey.
The main issues have been “How” the event has been organized and officiated. I have been working with the NSIM and the goal would be to bring the World Master Marathon (and possible new event – World Masters Half Marathon) to Duluth in 2020 or 2021. These events don’t organize themselves – ALL input and volunteers are appreciated!
Your email address will be kept confidential.
Thank you
Danny Frederick
Team Bont – USA