2019 Minnesota Inline Grand Prix Winners


The Minnesota Inline Grand Prix Series (hereinafter “MIGP” or “Grand Prix”) is a fun and friendly way to compare yourself to other inline skaters.  The Grand Prix seeks to maintain and increase participation in the sport of inline speedskating.  The MIGP scores your performance against fellow skaters throughout the inline season.  Skaters four best races will count toward their final standings.  Full rules can be found below.  The inline events that will make up the 2019 Minnesota Inline Grand Prix are the following:

2019 Minnesota Inline Grand Prix Events

One item not on the poster, but included in the 2019 MIGP, is the Wednesday night Summer Inline Series at the Oval.  This season, the final point totals for the summer long racing league will be counted as an event in the MIGP.


How the series works:

1. The Minnesota Inline Grand Prix (MIGP) series in run by InlineSkateMpls LLC and is free. Money is not exchanged or distributed in any way, nor is money earned from this series.  This series is independent of the races, and the races are independent of the series.  Being in the MIGP series does not include entry into any races in the series.  You must be a registered entrant in an event to be awarded MIGP points. You do not need to register for the MIGP series; if you participate in one of the above races, you may be in the series.

2.  Scoring:

    • Marathon:  Points are awarded based on an event’s official times (to the extent they are deemed accurate by InlineSkateMpls).  The first place MIGP skater in each race will score 1,000 points.  All others earn points based upon the percentage of time back of the first place finisher.  Points are awarded without regard to age division or sex.
    • Half Marathon, 10k, and shorter:  Skaters score points according to their finish place out of all racers.  The first MIGP skater in each race will score 1,000 points.  All others will score based upon the percentile in which the MIGP skaters finish such that the middle finisher will score 500 points.  The MIGP will presume a minimum of 75 entrants.  Points are awarded without regard to age division or sex. The Summer Inline Series will be scored in this category.

3. Only a skater’s 4 highest event scores will count.  Anyone racing in 4 or fewer races will have all of their scores included.

  • Skaters who do not compete in one of the first two events may or may not be included in future MIGP calculations.
  • Skaters do not change age divisions during the year.
  • Participants will be vying for the honor of being identified as the best and to make the prestigious Top 25.

4. While some events have both full & half marathons only the longest event will be counted in the Grand Prix totals.

5.  AF Rule: In the event of a tie at the top of the MIGP Final Standings, the following tie breakers will decide the overall winner: The skater with the Most Race Wins; if there is still a tie then: Of each skaters four scores that are counted toward each skaters point total, the skater with the lowest total amount of time behind the winner will be declared champion.  (Remember in a marathon more than one skater can score 1000 points).  If there is still a tie then Co-Champions are declared.

6. CE Rule: participants have two weeks from the posting of an event’s MIGP scores to contest the results.  After two weeks results are deemed final.

7. Obligatory legal clause:  All content provided on this blog is for informational purposes only. The owner of this blog makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or found by following any link on this site. The owner will not be liable for any errors or omissions in this information nor for the availability of this information. The owner will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the display or use of this information. All information on this site is subject to applicable copyright, trademark, and related intellectual property rights and may not be copied, used, taken, or otherwise infringed.  InlineSkateMpls reserves the right to modify the rules as need.  All decisions by Inlineskatempls, LLC are final.

2019 MIGP Results:

Here is a summary of the 2019 season’s MIGP events with links to Race Reports, Results, and the Photos.

Summer Inline Series

This was the first season the Summer Inline Series, the Wednesday night racing season at the Roseville Oval, was included in the MIGP standings.  The Ladies Champion was Melissa Dahlmann. Tommy Peterson was the male winner.  Emily Bos and Adam Groven were the Over/Under Winners and Gabby Pearson and  Tariq were the youth winners.

Apostle Island Inline Marathon

Roll For The Roses

Chicagoland Inline Marathon

MN Half Marathon

Roll’in On The River Inline Marathon

North Shore Inline Marathon

The Top 25 Winners:

Rollerblade was again the sponsor of the MIGP.  They have generously provided sets of bearings and socks that will be distributed among the top skaters and the Ken Huss award winners.

The Ken Huss award is awarded to those skaters that compete in every MIGP event.  This season there were 7 MIGP events, and only two skaters who competed in all of them.  The two winners of the Ken Huss award are Dan Collins and Michael Mullery.

First Name Last Name Total Points # of Races
1 Kelin Dunfee 3974 4
2 Elias Hendrickson 3879 5
3 Darril Otto 3780 5
4 Michael Mullery 3770 7
5 Tucker Vincent 3717 5
6 Josiah Hendrickson 3677 5
7 Melissa Dahlmann 3655 5
8 Conrade Thomas 3613 4
9 Jeff Terwilliger 3613 4
10 Daniel Collins 3531 7
11 Earl Kendall 3523 4
12 John Schulte 3489 4
13 Mark Christianson 3442 4
14 Hannah Vanasse 3438 5
15 Herb GAYLE 3428 4
16 Tavis Trosen 3397 5
17 Adam Johnson 3338 4
18 Greg Miller 3266 5
19 Tracy White 3257 4
20 Drew Negangard 3164 5
21 Michael Johnson 3082 4
22 Ryan Mullery 3067 4
23 Paul Foss 2984 4
24 Steffen Howard 2970 3
25 Gary Davis 2921 4

The Next 25 of Skaters:

First Name Last Name Total Points # of Races
26 Tim Pothen 2819 4
27 Tommy Peterson 2807 3
28 Gary Yanagita 2793 4
29 Bob Gerhard 2748 4
30 Michael Chonarzewski 2740 5
31 Anthony Anderson 2649 4
32 Alex Fedak 2602 3
33 Brian Geisel 2534 3
34 Ben Hall 2505 3
35 Garrett Schure 2474 5
37 Michael Olson 2456 3
38 Dino Musielewicz 2450 3
39 Matt Robinson 2412 3
40 Tim Bliek 2407 3
41 Giorgia Birkeland 2400 3
42 Sami Banat 2342 3
43 Emily Bos 2338 3
44 Darrell Hauge 2273 4
45 Randall Landucci 2268 3
46 Christopher Nelms 2250 3
47 Keith Svir 2211 3
48 David Swan 2200 3
49 Stephen Larios 2191 3
50 Kyle Stilling 2174 5


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2019 Minnesota Inline Grand Prix



Previous MIGP Winners:

2018: Kelin Dunfee and Melissa Dahlmann

2017: Steve Meisinger and Hannah (Hendrickson) Vanasse

2016: Kelin Dunfee and Hannah Hendrickson

2015: Kelin Dunfee and Kara (Peterson) Parker

2014: Steffan Howard and Kara (Peterson) Parker

2013: David Sarmiento and Kara Peterson

2012: David Sarmiento and Melissa Dahlmann

2011: David Sarmiento and Kara Peterson

2010:  Mike Anderson and Kara Peterson

2009: David Sarmiento and Kara Peterson

2008: Mike Anderson and Kara Peterson

Previous Seasons:


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