North Shore Inline Marathon Results and Photos


Ewen Fernandez skated away from the pack about 6 miles before the finish for the win.

If the modest wind had been coming from the opposite direction, the weather would have been absolutely perfect for the North Shore Inline Marathon on Saturday, September 14th.  Skaters started with clear skies and temps in the low 50′s, but skated into a modest headwind.  The wind resistance added a few minutes to each skaters time.

France’s Ewen Fernandez skated away from the elite pack long before Lemon Drop hill.  Caleb Wakefield, 22 years of age, gave chase as long as he could, but had to conceded defeat.  With six miles to go, the view from the pacecar showed Ferdandez glancing over his shoulder a few times, but liking what he saw.  Kelin Dunfee had a fantastic final mile and passed multiple skaters to have one of the most impressive performances by a local skater in the Elite Open Division that I can recall.  Even Sarmiento, who dominated local races, struggled against the international elite field the $5,000 prize pool (and $10k bonus if you break the course record on the full race course) attracts.  Congrats on a great season Kelin.  Kelin won 3 of the four races he competed in and finished third at the North Shore Inline Marathon.

The Minnesota Inline Grand Prix standing could not be calculated prior to the NSIM Banquet as the NSIM results were not made available in time.  I will do the math later, but Kelin and Melissa Dahlmann are the 2019 MIGP winners.  The Ken Huss Award (awarded to the skaters that compete in all of the MIGP events) will be awarded to Michael Mullery and Dan Collins.  Minnesota Inline Grand Prix Standings are not posted here (click here).

In the Recreational skate, after a bumpy week the 16 year old Auggie Herman won the event despite a fall.  In the photo below you can see his bloody hand and the fabric rip on his right knee.  The top female finisher was a mere 5 seconds back.  Seventeen year old Giorgia Birkeland beat 14 year old Katrina Brown.

The youth movement continued in the Half Marathon.  The Half was won by Jason Dong of Rochester.  The 16 year old finished the event in 41:21.  The next three finishers were juvenile females: Kayla Duque (16), Graci Nunenkamp (14), and Cierra Golden (18).  The youngsters out sprinted old-timer’s Jay Jackson and Steve Wagner.

The Combined Event requires skaters to complete the Half Marathon, then get back on the bus and head to the start and do the Full Marathon.  Michael Olson skated the half in 41:31 and the full in 1:28:35 to win the Combined Event.  Isaac McGuffin and Rollerblade sponsored Kacie Cleveland finished third.

There were 833 Recreational Full Marathon participants, 96 Elite Marathon  skaters, 269 Half Marathon skaters, 15 skaters did the Combined.  There were also skiers and runners doing their own events.

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1. Ewen Fernandez 1:03:57

2. Caleb Wakefield 1:05:34

3. Kelin Dunfee 1:05:35

4. Steffen Howard

5. Ken Kuwada

6. Aiden Brown

7. Eddy Matzger

8. Justin Stelly

9. Wesley Gandy

10. Michael Pasquarella

30 – 39 Male Elite:

1. Steve Meisinger

2. Rob Cambell

3. Ryan McGee

4. Arnav Sonic Shah

5. Chad Wilson

40-49 Male Elite:

1. Ryan Chrisler

2. Antti Haljak

3. Brian Oswald

4. Mike Stout

5. David Eaton

50-59 Male Elite:

1. Morgan Williams 1:18:16

2. Jeff Terwilliger

3. Alex Fedak

4. Darril Otto

5. Jim McKee

6. Conrade Thomas

7. Brian Geisel

8. Paul Ohearn

9. Michael Mullery

10. Kimon Papahadjsdflkhjsldf

60+ Male Elite

1. Greg Major 1:18:25

2. Greg Miller

3. Alexander Van Duyne

4. Stephen Larios

5. John Sherwin

Female Elite Overall:

1. Julie Brandt-Glass 1:22:42

2. Sarah Hopkins

3. Nicole Campbell

4. Katie Huffman

5. Albany Toloza

6. Melissa Perry

7. Andi Wynkoop

8. Debbie Rice (Winner of 40+ category)

9. Lauren ODonnell

10. Deborah Brown (Second in 40+)

11. Erica Orndorff

12. Melissa Dahlmann

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Recreation (Non-Pro Elite) Marathon:

1. Auggie Herman 1:19

2. Aivin Guzman

3. Houston Trim III

4. Adam Johnson

5. Daniel Reeves

6. Josiah Hendrickson

7. Mark Christenson

8. Vincent Tucker

9. Paul Leidy

10. Chad McNamee

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Recreational Top Females

The Rec women are allowed to cross-draft (draft with the men). The wave of Elite Woman are not allowed to cross-draft with other waves.  This often results in the fastest NSIM female times coming from the Rec wave.  The Elite Pro Women often jockey for position with varying paces throughout the event, whereas the Rec skaters are going as fast as they can as long as they can.

1. Giorgia Birkeland 1:19 (17 years old)

2. Katrina Brown 1:19 (14 years old)

3. Sara Smith 1:19

4. Nina Arteaga 1:28

Note the race results list “Nelmsy Nelms” as finishing fifth in the ladies event.  This 49 year old skater is most likely Chris Nelms, who is a dude and shouldn’t be listed with the ladies. Nelmsy Nelms is the only “Nelms” registered for the event, and I have a photo of Chris Nelms skating the event.

5. Anna Zuver

6. Christina Larson-Dickson

7. Erin Topley

8. Ami Raynor (impressive finish at the age of 60)

9. Stefanie Florez

10. Sue Scheer (another great finish by a 60+ skater)

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Half Marathon:

1. Jason Dong 41:21

2. Kayla Duque

3. Graci Nunenkamp

4. Cierra Golden

5. Jay Jackson

6. Steve Wagner

7. Carson Hansborough

8.  David Lawler

9. Paul Meyering

10. Aaron Anderson

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Combined Event (Both 1/2 and Full)

1. Michael Olson (41:31 and 1:28)

2. Isaac McGuffin

3. Kacie Cleveland

4. Daniel King

5. Eric Cruz

6. Tim Pothen

7. Scott Mattson

8. Shafeeq Sinnamohiddeen

9. Jeff Handeland

10. Garrett Schure

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Deja vu

This photo was posted in the 2018 NSIM Race Report.

These photos were captured on Saturday at about the same time in the same place:

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