Rollin’ On The River Won By Dunfee and Dahlmann


Skaters had beautiful weather for the August 24, 2019 Rollin’ On The River Inline Marathon.  After skating through fog last season, skaters had nothing but sunshine as they meandered through the North Dakota countryside into the streets of Grands Forks.  Kelin Dunfee just doesn’t play well with others and refused to skate with anyone, winning by nearly five minutes.  Dunfee was chased by a pack including Elias Hendrickson, Hernan Diaz, Tucker Vincent, Josiah Hendrickson, and Darril Otto.  Four minutes later Bell Hall and Brian Geisel, both out of Georgia, lead the next pack across the line.

Click here for the Photo Gallery.  Thank you to Michael Mullery for the quality photos (and to Melissa for the lousy ones).

Overall Marathon Results:

1. Kelin Dunfee 1:05

2. Elias Hendrickson 1:10

3.  Hernan Diaz

4. Tucker Vincent

5. Josiah Hendrickson

6. Darril Otto

7. Ben Hall

8. Brian Geisel 1:14

9. Michael Mullery

10. Herb Gayle

11. Tommy Peterson

12. Mark Christenson

13. Melissa Dahlmann 1:15:11

14. Hannah Vanasse

15. Randy Plett

16. Tim Bliek

17. Keith Svir

18. Dan Collins

19. Greg Miller

20. Tim Potehn

21. Ryan Mullery

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Top Women:

1. Melissa Dahlmann

2. Hannah Vannasse



Rec Marathon

1. Tavis Trosen 1:20

2. Cassandra Tetrault

3. Jamie Roed

4. Travis Lambert

5. James Demerath

6. Matt Melanson

7. Eric Edwards

8. Mike Chonarzewski

9. Tamara Topley

10. Garrett Schure

11. Dan Teske

12. Cliff Sumter

13. Roger Olson


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Rec Half Marathon

1. Torrie Enget 49:18

2. David Lawler

3. Gary Betting

4. Albert Koshney

5. Allison Talley

6. Christina Larson-Dickson

7. Cheryl Conklin

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Cycling Marathon

New this season was the Cycling Marathon on the same course.  28 cyclist finishing the event with times ranging from 1:01 to 1:41.  Congrats to Virginia Wallace for completing the event.  Great job.

1. David Johnson 1:01

2. Timothy Sproul

3. Mark McDonal

4. Chad Wilson

5. Brian Arnold

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