Dunfee and Rehklau win in St. Paul

High dew points and humidity made it a balmy skate along the river in downtown St. Paul on Saturday morning.  Kelin Dunfee skated away from the field to win in just over 33 minutes.  Steffan Howard was two minutes back. Elias Hendrickson finished a minute and a half later in 36:47.  The day’s top female skater was once again Sarah Rehklau, who finished sixth overall, in a time of 38:29.

I haven’t heard of major timing chip issues and results look generally correct.  Contrast that with Anderson Race Management’s performance in Roseville where the results still show the top five finishing Conrade Thomas as finishing in last place.  I did notice Chris Nelms is listed in the female results.

Dunfee was off the front early. Howard skated away from Elias halfway through the event.  Otto, Terwilliger, and Elias skated much of the event together.  The bulk of the field was in a pack led (in the photo above) by Sara Rehklau.  That paceline included Conrade, Dahlmann, Mullery, Schutle, Peterson, Schneider, Auggie, and EARL! A few minutes back of that pack was Herb Gayle and Tracy White leading the next large pack.

Midway skaters in the field included a top 10 finish by Auggie Herman, Emily Bos, the Johnson Brothers, Milan Jostes, and Adam Groven.

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1. Kelin Dunfee

2. Steffan Howard

3. Elias Hendrickson

4. Darril Otto

5. Jeff Terwilliger

6. Sara Rehklau (Female Winner)

7. Conrade Thomas

8. Auggie Herman (Happy Birthday!)

9. Alexander Van Duyne

10.  Michael Mullery

11. Melissa Dahlmann

12. John Schulte

13. Michael Olson

14. Peter Fenter

15. Tommy Peterson

16. Dan Collins

17. Todd Schneider

18. Matt Robinson

19. Earl Kendall

20. Dino Musielewicz

21. Herb Gayle

22. Adam Johnson

23. Mark Christenson

24. Torrie Enget (of the Rollin’ On The River Inline Marathon)

25. Tracy White

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Top Females

1. Sara Rehklau

2. Melissa Dahlmann

3. Hannah Vannasse

4.  Emily Bos

5. Tammy Davis

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Age Group Results:

Female Under 19:

1. Emily Bos

2. Sydney Terpening

3. Kayla Hanold

Female 20-24:

1. Sara Rehklau

2. Jordyn Lee

3. Cassidy Carlisle

Female 25-29:

1 Hannah Vanasse

2. Mackenzie Brandt

3. Taylor Stehlik

Female 30-34:

1. Hope Bolyard

2. Jenna Hendricks

3. Sarah Krueger

Female 35-39:

1. Melissa Dahlmann

2. Tammy Davis

3. Lacey Sagada

Female 40-44:

1. Alison Talley

2. Christina Larson-Dickson

3. Jackie Thompson

Female 45-49:

1. Stacia Marsolek (results online still incorrectly show Christopher Nelms winning)

2. Connie Ecklund

3. Jennifer Hoglund

Female 50-54:

1. Vickie Finnegan

2. Laurie Lee

3. Shelly Auld

Female 55-59:

1. Karen Smith

2. Jana Davis

3. Jean Winzenburg

Female 60-64:

1. Sheryl Waddick

2. Cindy Walters

Female 65-69:

1. Kathy Wagle

2. Leslie Jandro

Male Age Groups

Male Under 19:

1. Auggie Herman

2. Adam Johnson

3. Michael Johnson

Male 20-24:

1. Peter Fenter

2. Ryan Mullery

3. Ryan Marciniak

Male 25-29:

1. Kelin Dunfee

2. Elias Hendrickson

3. Drew Negangard

Male 30-34:

1. Dino Musielewicz

2. Josiah Hendrickson

3. Chris Sorensen

Male 35-39:

1. Steffen Howard

2. Tavis Trosen

3. Anthony Anderson

Male 40-44:

1. Tracy White

2. Jeffrey Handeland

3. Garrett Stockburger

Male 45-49:

1. Todd Schneider

2. Paul Foss

3. Jamie Roed

Male 50-54:

1. Darril Otto

2. Conrade Thomas

3. Michael Mullery

Male 55-59:

1. Jeff Terwillger

2. John Schulte

3. Herb Gayle

Male 60-64:

1. Alexander Van Duyne

2. Earl Kendall

3. Greg Miller

Male 65-69:

1. Stephen Larios

2. Randy Landucci

3. David McKenzie

Male 70-74:

1. Paul Sargenti

2. Curtis Hendrickson

3. William Peppler

Male 75-79:

1. Roger Olson

2. Mike Miller


Emily Bos of Midway had a strong finish.  She is a title contender in the Over / Under Division of the Summer Inline Series.

Summer Inline Series

Thank you to Adam’s Inline for its sponsorship of the Wednesday night racing league.  Skaters can expect to win Adam’s Inline bearings and other swag throughout the summer.

Wednesday Night Oval Racing Returns June 5th

Racing Begins at 6:00 PM at the Roseville Oval

Wednesday Nights Through August 21st

Season Long Points Series

Different Categories for Various Skill Levels

Sponsored by InlineSkateMpls and the

Greater Minnesota Speedskating Association

NEW THIS SEASON: Final Summer Inline Series Standings WILL Count as a part of the Minnesota Inline Grand Prix standings.


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Greg Miller dragging along Herb Gayle and Tracy White.


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Melissa Dahlmann, Christina Larson-Dickson, and Taylor Stehlik

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Photo Courtesy of Katy Herman.