Dunfee and Dahlmann Win in Roseville

Summer Inline Series

Races are held every Wednesday night at the Oval at 6 PM (or whenever Mullery shows up).  Racing is free of charge.  Thank you to Adam’s Inline for its sponsorship of the Wednesday night racing league.  Skaters can expect to win Adam’s Inline bearings and other swag throughout the summer.  New this season, the Summer Inline Series is a part of the Minnesota Inline Grand Prix.

Wednesday Night Oval Racing Returns June 5th

Racing Begins at 6:00 PM at the Roseville Oval

Wednesday Nights Through August 21st

Season Long Points Series

Different Categories for Various Skill Levels

Sponsored by InlineSkateMpls and the

Greater Minnesota Speedskating Association

NEW THIS SEASON: Final Summer Inline Series Standings WILL Count as a part of the Minnesota Inline Grand Prix standings.

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Roll For The Roses

Skaters were greeted with a warm, humid, and sunny morning in Roseville on Saturday.  Nearly 100 inliners finished the 10k.  Kelin (Adams Inline) skated away with it early.  Elias (Adams Inline) and Darril (Hoigaards) worked together to hold off teammates Jeff Terwilliger and Conrade Thomas (both Hoigaards).  Behind that was the main pack with Mullery (Team Ronin making their debut) being out sprinted and John Schulte (TWINCAM) bring up the rear.  In the women’s event Melissa Dahlmann (Adams Inline) hung on to the Hoigaards pack for awhile, but spent much of the race alone.  The pack chasing her most of the race included Hannah Vannase (Adams Inline).  The two skaters would finish a second apart, with Melissa getting the edge.   The third place female was Giorgia Birkeland (of Midway). Click here for the photo gallery.

The only carnage I saw was Greta Meyers (the next Allie Thunstrum) who lost an edge in turn four inside the oval and scraped her face, shoulder, and knee.  Best wishes on a speedy recovery Greta.

Click here for the photo gallery.

5K Run

Jesse Peterson traded in his skates for some pumped up kicks.  He finished second overall in the 5k event with a time of 18:04.

Remember when he looked like this:


This was an Anderson Race Management timed event, so you know what that means.  Conrade Thomas is currently listed as finishing the 10k in 1:02:43 in dead last place.  The photos indicate he finished in the top five.  Let me know if there are other errors in the order below. Click here for the photo gallery.

Kelin’s average race speed translates to about 24 MPH.

1. Kelin Dunfee 15:57

2. Elias Hendrickson 17:17

3. Darril Otto 17:25

4. Jeff Terwilliger 17:55

Conrade Thomas

Josiah Hendrickson

Tucker Vincent

Michael Mullery

Tracy White

Mark Christianson

Torrie Enget

Dan Collins

John Schulte

Dino Musielewicz

Melissa Dahlmann 19:04

Hannah Vannasse 19:05

Greg Miller

Benjamim Romnek

Earl Kendall

Sami Banat

Auggie Herman

Georgia Birkeland

Alex Leopold

Drew Negangard

Gary Davis

Bob Gerhard

Tim Pothen

Randy Landucci

Greta Meyers

Click here for the photo gallery.