Steffen Howard Wins Apostle Island Inline Marathon (Rehklau too)

Skaters enjoyed uncharacteristically dry, but mild weather for the first marathon of the 2019 Minnesota Inline Grand Prix.

This is an Anderson timed event, so as one has come to expect, there are reports of inaccuracies in the results. Another issue is their website only categorizes results, and fails to post the actual overall finish order.

This message is posted on the Apostle Island Inline Marathon website:

Sorry folks, the results are still being corrected. We will post again once the timing company gets back to us. We are aware of the delay discrepancy in the results, if you have any other timing issue please email Mary Anderson <>. Thank you for your patience.

2019 Race Results by Anderson Race Management.

Finishing Order:

1. Steffan Howard

2. Alex Fedak

3. Elias Hendrickson

4. Tucker Vincent

5. Josiah Hendrickson




Women Overall:

1. Sara Rehklau 1:20

2. Giorgia Birkeland

3. Hannah Vannase


Masters 30-39: Josiah Hendrickson, Carolyn Spiewak


Masters: 40-49: Brian Oswald, Veronica Luccioni


Masters: 50-59: James McKee, Alicia Villarosa


Masters: 60-69: Earl Kendall


Fitness Marathon Jr.: Aran Viswanath


Fitness Marathon: Chris Nelms, Doris Casabona


ALMT Half Marathon under 17: Emily Bos, Nathanial Millington


ALMT Half Marathon 18+: Jay Jackson, Lacey Sagada


Earl Kendall won the 60+ category with a time of 1:18.  Here is a shot of the victorious Earl with Alex Van Duyne, and John Schulte (photo courtesy of Schulte).

Masters 60-69:

1. Earl Kendall

2. Alex Van Duyne

3. Greg Major

4. Brian Holtan

5. John Sherwin

6. Greg Miller

7. Randy Landucci

8. Duane Wagner

9. Stephen Larios

10. John Garrett


Masters 50-59:

1. James McKee

2. Kimon Paphalkjdsflkjsdaflkdjs

3. Jeff Terwilliger

4. Conrade Thomas

5. Randy Plett

6. Darril Otto

7. Herb Gayle

8. Michael Olson

9. Robert Motta

10. Brian Geisel


Masters 40-49:

1. Brian Oswald

2. Ben Hall

3. Brent Leaman

4. David Eaton

5. Veronica Luccioni

6. Andrew Burge

7. Andrew Hechtl


Masters 30-39:

1. Josiah Hendrickson

2. Ryan McGee

3. Chad Wilson

4. Tavis Trosen

5. Mike Ward

6. Travis Lambert

7. Carolyn Spiewak

8. Peter Maky

9. Kyle Stilling

10. Ryan Noack