Gateway Trail Hassles Coming

I warned you about it in January of 2018, but now it is here.  The rebuild of the Hadley / Highway 36 intersection, which will last until the autumn of 2020, has begun.  Earth movers are already on site destroying nearby houses and uprooting anything else in there way to make room for roundabouts and a bridge over 36.

Reported in January 2018:

According to the Pioneer Press, MNDOT is planning to waste $22 Million on roundabouts north and south of the Hadley Intersection of Highway 36 in Oakdale (Fleet Farm stoplight). MNDOT projects traffic volume, at that intersection, to increase 50% in 15 years. Rather than add lanes the unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats will dig deep into your pockets for more roundabouts. Construction is to begin in early 2019 and end in 2020. Highway 36 will experience intermittent lane closures in the area throughout the project.

The impacted segment of the Gateway trail will go under Hadley, as Hadley will be raised. This will eliminate the need for trail users to “interact” with traffic.

In the MNDOT depiction above, the Gateway Trail is the thin line at the bottom of the screen. Hadley is the road running top to bottom, and Hwy 36 runs from left to right. The movie theater is top right, and the Mills Fleet Farm gas station is between the movie theater and Hwy 36.

An open house to review plans for the Hadley Avenue and Minnesota 36 intersection will be from 4 to 6 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 23, at the Oakdale Discovery Center, 4444 Hadley Ave. N., in Oakdale. For more information, go to, or contact Kevin Peterson, Washington County project mManager, at 651-430-4330 or