A2A Results Marred By Crash

87 mile Race:

1. Ken Kuwada MPC Argentina 4:36:40
2. Francisco Ramirez MP USA 4:36:41
3. Jerome Urbain Canada 4:36:41
4. Eddy Matzger Twincam USA 4:36:43

13. Brian Oswald

24. Herb Gayle


87 mile First Place Female:

1.  Vanessa Ayala Tru Rev USA 4:57:51

2. Jessica Wright

3. Sandra Spirovska

Reports indicate in the final miles a skater versus vehicle collision resulted in a Florida skater breaking an ankle (just one of them though).   Reports also indicate the collision was likely the result of skater, and not driver error.  Francisco posted the following regarding the crash:

This event is called the Athens to Atlanta Road Skate, as you eloquently said it at the beginning of your post.

In Henry’s rant (the event founder), on Saturday night, he explains to all participants that this event is not a race, that it is a road skate, and all the rules of the road are in effect, by that he means, you are skating on open roads, at your own risk, and that you must stop on red lights as it is the law, and that all other rules of the road still apply.

I was one of the 5 skaters on the break away, in fact, I was the skater that initiated that break away just 2 miles into the race, and just 100 meters before his accident, I took the decision of missing a right turn, rather than hitting a car, even though I had done much of the work with my teammate during the race and was in a really good position to be on the podium.

It is my clear understanding that I must think of my safety before I think of placing on a podium.

Furthermore, the event makes it absolutely clear that I am responsible for my actions while on an open road.

Right after I missed the turn, they sprinted into traffic on a very congested intersection and ran right into running cars. a car didn’t just go into the race track, the cars were crossing an intersection and they had a green light.

We are 100% responsible for our safety, 100% of the time.


Events by distance:
87 miles = 58 skaters
38 miles = 34 skaters
49 miles = 8 skaters


49 Mile Event:

1. Mike Pantelakis 3:01

2. Lucas Fowler

3. Kwame Asare

4. Alex Pineda

5. Amy Catherine White

5. Thomas Zingo

7. Ginger Sadleir 5:16

8. Marissa Peterson


38 Mile Event:

1. Scott Knecht

2. Tom Hyser

3. Brian Tilley

4. Candy Wong

5. Yvonne Wankerl

6. Shafeeq Sinnamohideen