Northshore Inline Marathon Record Broken, but Not Really

The Northland was hit by large thunderstorms in the early morning hours of Saturday, September 14th.  The storm left a wet race course for the half marathon, but was largely dry for marathon skaters.  Conditions were mild with high humidity, substantial cloud cover and a tailwind that increased throughout the race as the temperature dropped.

Due to construction at the end of the historic race course, this seasons event finished .2 miles sooner and didn t include the usual final turn.

The race winner finished in 56 minutes, but won’t win the $10,000 because the course was 400 meters shorter due to construction.  The solo skater, Ken Kuwada, was well ahead of the large chase pack, and was only a couple of yards behind a pace vehicle that he was drafting behind. Kuwada was a minute ahead of Sebastian Guzman, Justin Stelly, Jonathon Blair, Michael Pasquarella, Aiden Brown, Francisco Ramirez, former Olympian KC Boutiette, Andrew Reichert, Stefan Howard, Wesley Gandy, Dayton Ristine, Eddy Matzger, Steve Meisinger, Rob Bell, and Ben Brown. A couple minutes back was Kelin Dunfee.  All of the skaters mentioned in this paragraph broke the one hour barrier.

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The elite women’s race consisted of a tight field that hung together until the final turn.  Skaters that were more aggressive on the dangerous final turn ended up in the front.  The conservative skaters would finish seconds behind them.  The pack finished in 1:12, six minutes off the course record.  Seventeen year old ice Olympic hopefully, Corinne Stoddard won the race, Franchesca Pasquarella, Kelsey Helman, Melissa Perry, Sarah Hopkins, Nicole Bischooff, Deborah Brown, and then Melissa Dahlmann and Hannah Vanasse.

Kelin Dunfee and Melissa Dahlmann have clinched the Minnesota Inline Grand Prix Championship sponsored by Rollerblade.  Top finishers will win a prize package from inlineskatempls, Rollerblade, and MIGP race directors that will include a free race entry, bearings, and other Rollerblade swag.

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Michael Mullery and Greg Miller won the Ken Huss award, which goes to skaters that compete in every MIGP event.  Ken Huss missed a race and didn t win the award to honor his epic track record of race participation.

Thank you to Rollerblade for sponsoring the MIGP.  Thank you to all participating race directors for contributing future race entries.  Thank you to Mike Ward and his team for the beautiful MIGP poster.  Thank you to Tracy White for so much leg work securing the race entries and for involving Rollerblade.

Full Marathon Overall

1. Ken Kuwanda 56:56, nope not a typo

2. Sebastian Guzman 57:49

3. Justin Stelly 57:49

4. Jonathon Blair 57:50

5. Michael Pasquarella 57:50

6. Aiden Brown 57:50 (Seventeen year old Team USA member featured on local media at the Expo the day before the event)

7. Francisco Ramirez 57:51

8. KC Boutiette 57:51 (48 year old former ice speedskating Olympian)

9. Andrew Reichert 57:51

10. Stefan Howard 57:51 (former MIGP winner)

11. Wesley Gandy 57:51

12. Dayton Ristine 57:52

13. Eddy Matzger 57:53

14. Steve Meisinger 57:53 (former MIGP winner)

15. Rob Bell 57:56

16. Ben Brown 56:57

17. Kelin Dunfee 59:12 (former and now reigning MIGP winner)

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Elite Women

1. Corinne Stoddard 1:12:09

2 .Franchesca Pasquarella 1:12:09

3. Kelsey Helman 1:12:12

4. Melissa Perry 1:12:14

5. Sarah Hopkins 1:12:15

6. Nicole Bischooff 1:12:17

7. Deborah Brown 1:12:18

8. Melissa Dahlmann 1:12:20

9. Hannah Vanasse 1:12:25

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Elite Men 30-39

1. Steve Meisinger 57:53

2. Rob Bell 57:56

3. Robert Campbell 1:02:18

Elite Men 40-49

1. Jens Johansson  1:07:24

2. Uel Archuletta 1:10:36

3. Jason Metcalf 1:10:36

Elite Men 50+

1. Grant Foster 1:07:24

2. Morgan Williams 1:10:36

3. Chris Rojo 1:10:36

Elite Female 40+

1. Deborah Brown 1:12:18

2. Stacia Marsolek 1:24:22

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Overall Non-Elite Marathon:

The Rec group posted faster times than many of the Elite waves.  The Rec group is typically trying to go as fast as they can as long as they can and aren’t caught up in race tactics of surges, breakaways, or team tactics.

1. Matt Kitzis 1:08:19

2. Aivin Guzman 1:08:20

3. Josiah Hendrickson 1:08:22

4. Adam Johnson 1:08:22

5. Tucker Vincent 1:08:22

6. Brian Wolf 1:08:24

7. Sara Smith 1:08:27 (top female on the day, finishing four minutes faster than the all female Elite wave.  Smith had the benefit of the men’s paceline, but fast is fast)

8. Spencer Parulski 1:09:25

9. Brian Hirabayshai 1:09:26

10. Houston Trim III 1:09:30

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Half Marathon

1.  Ian Frederick 40:16

2.  Jesse Peterson 40:17

3. Jason Dong 40:20

4. Colton Miller 43:20

5. Paul Meyering 43:12

Congrats to Ian and Jessie on a great race and strong finish.  Ian struggled in the Roseville 10k and clearly used that as motivation to finish the season strong.

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Times below are the combined time for the half marathon, and the full marathon.


1. Danny Frederick 1:49

2. Antony Muse 1:52

3. Michael Olson 1:55


1. Kacie Cleveland 2:01

2. Nicole Werts 2:09

3. Brianna Vujovich 2:43

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Top 10 Photos:

10.  Michael’s mustache.

9.  Flying down the hill scared her, so the cheer squad helped her out.

8.  They say in NASCAR that “rubbin’ is racin’”, I guess the same holds true in the battle for second place.  Notice the two hands on the left shoulder of Sebastian Guzman, last years winner finished third this season after holding off Jonathon Blair (in black), but not being able to catch Justin Stelly (in red).

7.  Look at those glasses.

6.  Don’t get between Miller and the buffet finish line.

5.  Schulte leaning hard on the left leg and looking a bit like the logo in the corner.

4.  There is a lot going on in this photo.   I zoomed in as he approached because I saw the GoPro.  In the photo I saw the sunglasses hanging off the back of his suit, and his breakfast about to fly out the front of it.

3.    Since Crash Davis retired, and Andrew moved back to Illinois, I am still able to claim the title of the states fastest lawyer on inline skates.

Related image

2. Popeye on Skates

1.  Hipster Inliner – some skaters shave their legs to be more aerodynamic.  Some don’t.