Rollin’ On The Foggy River Won By Dunfee/Dahlmann

It didn’t rain, but you wouldn’t have been able to see it if it had been. Skaters dealt with dense fog on the flat, but winding course.   The leaders jumped out to a fast start with speeds averaging 25 mph for the first six miles or so, before those that hadn’t been dropped settled into a more comfortable, but still stiff, 22 mph pace aided by a 6 mph tailwind.  Dunfee skated alone, Meisinger did the same four minutes behind him.  Three minutes back of him was Elias.  Then the elite pack rolled across the line in 1:14, followed by the second pack in 1:17.  There were 25  pro finishers.  We need to do a better job supporting this event. The organizers are very passionate about the sport and attend our events in the metro.

Grand Forks uses a different timing company than the one that has plagued our results all summer.  As a result, the times are accurate.  Thank you for MTEC/Pickle Events for doing a fine job.


1. Kelin Dunfee 1:04:49

2. Steve Meisinger 1:08:25

3. Elias Hendrickson 1:11:14

4. Randy Plett 1:14:31

5. Darril Otto 1:14:32

6. Josiah Hendrickson

7. Greg Miller

8. Michael Mullery

9 . Tommy Peterson

10. Jesse Peterson – this was his first full marathon – Congrats.

The second pack included

11. David Swan 1:17:11

12. Melissa Dahlmann 1:17:12

13. Steve Wagner 1:17:13

13. Hannah Vanasse 1:17:13

14. Ryan Mullery

15. Chad Wilson

16. Keith Svir

17. Tim Potrien

18. Randy Landucci

A ways back of that group was Paul Foss (1:23) and Paul Holte (in 1:45)


1. Melissa Dahlmann 1:17:12

2. Hannah Vanasse 1:17:13 She gave birth two months ago.

Recreation Mens

1.  Mark Christianson

2. Jeff Steltz

3. Roed.

4. Edwards

5. Lambert

6. Huss

7. Teske


Recreation Female

1. Erin Topley

2. Tamara Topley

3. Taylor Flegel


Recreation Half

1. Tavis Tosen

2. Torrid Enget

3. David Lawler


Recreation Half Female

1. Allison Talley

2. Lydia Kushney

3. Krysta  Skoglund