MN Half Marathon: Dunfee Falls, But Wins

Radar looked scary before the start of the event and a few skaters swapped into rain wheels, but it stayed dry.  Kelin Dunfee slipped in a wet spot under the, still closed, High Bridge and spent the next 10 miles trying to catch up.  As the leaders headed east past the start line Kelin still had not caught up, but used the final few miles and the last hill to close the gap on Steffen Howard, Steve Meisinger, and Elias Hendrickson; pretty dramatic comeback.  Meisinger said they saw him closing the gap throughout the race, but the three of them working together could not hold him off.

Sarah Rehklau edged Melissa Dahlmann in the field sprint for the women’s victory.  Kara Parker elected to skate the event with her daughter Kylie.

After the first four skaters, which had broken away, came Jeff Terwilliger battling it out with Alex Fedak, with Josiah Hendrickson hanging on at the end.  A bit after that came the huge chase pack of elite skaters.  Comrade Thomas, Sarah Rehklau, Melissa Dahlmann, John Shulte, Darril Otto, and many of the usual suspects.  It was a crowded finish and may be difficult to sort out. A few minutes later the top rec skaters met the finish line led by Matt Melanson, Ryan Mullery, Molly Seivert, Paul Meyering, and Randy Landucci to name a few.

Wednesday night oval racing has a few sessions remaining, stop by to participate or cheer on the skaters.  Get ready for the next Mn Inline Grand Prix event, Rollin On The River in Grand Forks.

Reminder: Kostka/Dahl Memorial Skate is Saturday at Elm Creek – click here for the details.

Happy Birthday Tommy Peterson.

Thank you to Jon Schewe for alerting me to an issue with comments not posting properly.

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Anderson Race Management Times Wrong Again.

This race is timed by Anderson Race Management, so as we have come to expect from them recently (2018 Apostle Island Inline Marathon, 2018 Roll For the Roses, 2017 Roll For the Roses), the results reported are wrong.  As I started typing this, their website had 76 year old Mike Miller as the winner – he isn’t.  They appear to be attempting to correct the results and at least have the winner correct at this moment.

As of the evening of August 5th, results are still a mess.  For example, Steve Meisinger and Melissa Dahlmann are not in the results.

As of noon on 8/6, Steve and Melissa are included in the results.  Please review the Anderson results careful and let me know if names are missing or if people are in the wrong place. There are skaters still missing from the results.

As of the evening of 8/6, results are still fluid with skaters being added after those skaters complained directly to Anderson.  They seem to respond to specific inquiries about specific skaters.

As of 8/8, results appear to be accurate.  Let Anderson Race Management know if they are not.  Let me know too.

Why are races still employing this company?  We will rely on the photos for the Minnesota Inline Grand Prix Results. Accurate Grand Prix results depend on accurate race results. Skaters please review these results and e-mail edits and additions.


1. Kelin Dunfee

2. Steffen Howard

3. Steve Meisinger

4. Elias Hendrickson

5. Dan Rooney

6. Alex Fedak

7. Jeff Terwilliger

8.  Josiah Hendrickson

9. Jens  Johansson

Then a giant cluster of skaters including

10. Sara Reklau

11. Conrade Thomas

12. Alex Harvey

13. Greg Miller

14. Darril Otto

15. Adam Johnson

16.  Melissa Dahlmann

17. Noel Creager

18.   Jesse Peterson

19. Dan Collins

20. Tracy White

21. Dave Swan

22. Michael Mullery

23. Christopher Rehklau

24. Tommy Peterson

25. John Schulte

26. Herb Gayle

Then the next pack included

27. Dino Musielewicz

28. Matt Melanson

29. Michael Olson

30. Ryan Mullery

31. Eric Smyth

32. Torrie Enget

33. Paul Meyering

34. Molly Sievert

35. Tim Pothen

36. Gary Davis

37. Paul Foss

38. Jia Griffiths

39. James Solokowski

40. Randy Landucci

41. Gary Yanagita

42. April Kabes

43. Bob Gerhard

44. Jeff Steltz

45.  Peter Davis

46. Tammy Davis

47. Allison Talley

48. Jeff Handeland

49. Mike Ward

50. Terry Holm

50.  Tavis Trosen



Click here for Race Photos.

Top Female:

1. Sara Reklau

2. Melissa Dahlmann


Click here for Race Photos.

Top 10 Race Photos:

10.  Darril Otto leading the paceline, with Jesse Peterson poking his head out while Schulte directs traffic. 9. Kelin Dunfee raging to the finish line. 8. Jeff Terwilliger and Alex Fedak duel to the finish 7. Rehklau, a strong ice speedskater, barrels to the finish with the best technique of the bunch – compare to Miller.

Here is Greg Miller’s response to my wise crack:

“Referring to picture #7 above, I have to defend the infamous “Weeble” skating technique which originated over 40 years ago and is used primarily instinctively for survival by the unheralded Clydesdale class of skaters (i.e., those of us in the 220 LB range, the old Hayward WI race used to recognize and award the Clydesdales). The “Weeble” technique can be summed up by the phrase, “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down”. The guiding principle for those of us using the “Weeble” technique is, “If you can’t skate fast, nor look good doing it, at least don’t fall down.” ;-)


6. Schulte gets smoked, but enjoys the ride. 5. Matt Melanson salutes the crowd. 4. Mike Ward, the NSIM Race Director finishing his first inline marathon.  Having an inline race director that hadn’t competed in an inline event reminded me of the scene from Will Smith and the Pursuit of Happyness:  the interviewer says to a disheveled: Smith: what would you say if I hired a guy who wasn’t wearing a shirt.  Smiths character responds: he must have had on some really nice pants. 3.  Steve Meisinger and Kelin Dunfee discussing the race. Note the blood on Kelin’s knee. 2. MN Inline Grand Prix brought to you by Rollerblade. 1. Dan Collins finished his race, then turned around and went back to help training buddy John Schewe across the line.